Richthofen's Tenth Victory image
Richthofen's Tenth Victory image

Richthofen's Tenth Victory


The second victory of the day, on November 20 took place at 16:15, Richthofen scored his tenth. “Together with 4 planes I attacked a Vickers two-seater type above the clouds at 2500 meters alt. After 300 shots adversary broke through clouds pursued by ne, Near Grandcourt I shot him down.”7 The second plane MvR shot down that day was a FE.2b, No. 4848, piloted by @nd Lt. Gilbert Sudbury Hall and his Observer, 2nd Lt George Dougherty. Both men either died of wounds or crash trauma.Numerous times Richthofen and other pilots made mistakes in naming the aircraft they either encountered or killed due to the rigors of aerial combat and the fog of war.Prints available on archival paper! 
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