Richthofen's Seventh Victory image
Richthofen's Seventh Victory image

Richthofen's Seventh Victory


My seventh sketch in my Richthofen series of all 80 aerial victories:November 3,1916 was a misty day with clear intervals of blue sky in the afternoon. At 2:10 PM Lieutenant Richthofen was flying as a member of Jagdsraffel 2 encountered a two-seater Vickers aircraft, No. 7010.This Fe2b piloted by Sgt, Cuthbert Godfrey Baldwin while 2nd Lieutenant George Andrew Bentham manned the gun and acted as observer when it came under attack by Richthofen over Gommecourt. Richtofen and another German aircraft attacked the British plane that was flying at 1800 meters. After 400 shots the FE.2b In Richtofen’s words, the enemy,” dashed to the ground and smashed to pieces “, Northeast of Grevilles Wood. Both British airmen were KIA either from wounds or from crash trauma. Prints available on archival paper up to 20" x 16".www.tomlapadula-aviation
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