Richthofen's Ninth Victory image
Richthofen's Ninth Victory image

Richthofen's Ninth Victory


The ninth sketch in my series of all 80 Richthofen victories.Monday 20 November 1916 was a good day for Richthofen he scored two victories. The first at 0940, during morning patrol, he and his Staffel attacked a British squadron at 1800 meters. “After having harassed a Be. 2c, No2767for a time, the plane disappeared in the clouds and then crashed to the ground between the trenches south of Grandcourt.’This is one of the MvR’s victories that is still debated. The Royal Flying Corps only identifies one plane lost in this action and both Richthofen and the Jasta2 Staffelfurher ObLt. Stefan Kirmaier stated they each shot down a Be.2c aircraft. There is evidence that Kirmaier may have been the actual victor, for both he and Richthofen claimed victories within ten minutes of each other two miles of each other. It is unknown if MvR lost the Be.2c in the clouds and presumed he had downed it having later seen it on the ground. Both Richthofen and Kirmaier were awarded victories in this action.Prints available on archival
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