Richthofen's Fith Victory image
Richthofen's Fith Victory image

Richthofen's Fith Victory


The fifth image in my Richthofen series, Victory #5.Above Betincourt on Monday, October 16, along with 4 other planes flying at 2800 meters Richthofen claimed his fifth victim. After firing 350 shots the BE.12, No 6580, piloted by 2nd Lt. John John Thompson “crashed to the ground smashed” near Yrtes. Lt. Thompson was killed either by gunshot wounds or crash trauma. For some time MvR’s fifth victim was originally thought to be Lt. E.W. Capper. It had been thought that Thompson borrowed some flying gear of Capper’s that was marked with the latter’s name. Leading Richthofen to misidentify the pilot. As souvenir Richthofen had the serial number 6580 cut from the plane’s stabilizer where it hung on the wall in Richthofen’s quarters in the Roucourt chateau, France.  
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