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Richthofen's Eight Victory


On November 9, 1916, over Beugny, he encountered an enemy bombing squadron at 10:30 in the morning. Flying an Albatros D.II 491/16, Richthofen singled out a BE.2c, No.2506 at 2500 meters. The British plane was flying without an observer in lieu of bombs.“Just short of the target I caught up with the last of the opponents” Richthofen wrote, also stating he burned him around the edges a bit. The BE.2c pilot 2nd Lt John Ian Gilmour Cameron, tried to land with his bombs. His speed in doing so in any case he decided to land with his bombs. The speed with which the wounded Cameron flew to reach the ground increased greatly, causing him to either crash or make a hard landing at Beugny. Cameron died of wounds in enemy hands 2 days later. Prints available, 20"x16" on archival paper. www.tomlapadula-aviationart.comwww.tomlapadula-aviation
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