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Remember Pearl Harbor! by Robert Taylor
Aichi D-3A1 dive bombers from the Japanese carrier Kaga concentrate their attack on the battleship Nevada, already holed by torpedoes and beached at Hospital Point. The destroyer Shaw is on fire, and behind her the battleship Pennsylvania, the cruiser Helena, and the Base Force Flagship Argonne, can be seen in the turmoil of Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.
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This Sceptred Isle by Robert Taylor
Spitfires from RAF 74 Squadron cross the English coast at Beachy Head after intercepting a formation of Luftwaffe raiders during the Battle of Britain, August 1940.

To cross the Channel and breach British defences, the Luftwaffe had to gain control of the skies, and by July 1940 the most famous air battle in history was underway. Impossibly outnumbered, the courageous young men from Fighter Command – Churchill’s ‘Few’ – battled to defend their Sceptred Isle, ...
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