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2020-04-17T00:48:55+08:00 ·
Jadgfieber by Heinz Krebs
Edition Size : 750
Type: Limited Edition Lithographic Print
Print Size : 36" x 27"
During late 1944 the Luftwaffe introduced the jet fighter, a sensational revolution in aviation technology. In their mission debriefings, allied fighter pilots reported encounters, or even gunfights, with very fast German aeroplanes of unusual design, without propellers, these were usually Me262's.

The scene depicted here is high above the Tyrolean Alps, where at the beginning of the wint...
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2019-07-31T16:57:01+08:00 ·
An action-packed, dramatic painting of P-38 Lightnings dogfighting with Ki-61 Hiens (Swallows).
Artist unknown.
#AviationArt #P38Lightning #ki61 #dogfight