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Hi, I just joined the other day and would like to say hello to everyone and thank ehanger for setting up this useful resource.


   Your forums are a bit quiet at the moment - hopefully that will change. :)



24/08/2004 23:16:24
Hi Rob, and Welcome to eHangar.com!


   As the song goes... "We have only just begun..." :wink:


   With your participation and recommendations, I'm sure we will have an active forum before too long, as I know aviation enthusiasts are a vocal lot :D


   If you think this site is a useful resource, I'm sure you can think of others who might find it useful too, and you can help me out here by recommending eHangar.com to your friends or contacts :mrgreen:
25/08/2004 03:11:04
Well, I'd like to use this thread as well to say HI to everybody! I am sure things will slowly pick up!
26/08/2004 14:06:07
Indeed, allow me to second the sentiment-- a very impressive website collection here. I expect that this site will only grow and grow. Congratulations, and well done!
26/08/2004 15:52:26
Welcome to FesterShinetop and Stavka, and thank you both for your encouraging words! :D


   Mighty things are planned for eHangar.com, and the growing traffic and registrations here are further impetus for this site to improve and grow.


   Your participation here, and your recommendations to like-minded friends, will definitely help us during these early stages, so thank you in advance 8)


   PS: stavka, your website link in your profile doesn't seem to work - you had listed it as http://vvs.hobbivista.com/ but this site can't be accessed.
26/08/2004 16:04:42
Ooopss.. sorry. Typo there... Should be: http://vvs.hobbyvista.com


   I think I have it sorted now.
27/08/2004 18:33:01
Hello all, I have had a long time interest in WWII aviation. About two years ago I started collecting WWII aviation art prints and now own more than 100, most of which are signed by the pilot(s). Also have numerous signatures and signed photo of pilots.

   I am looking forward to this site becoming a common ground for data and information exchange...we could amass quite a group of experts here.

   Best wishes, Ridge
01/10/2004 11:41:34
Thank you, Ridge, for posting this.


   I agree that we can have a powerful community of aviation art enthusiasts and collectors here, many of whom are also experts in aviation and history. Add to this mix aviation artists, publishers and dealers and gallery owners, and one can only imagine what we can do to sustain and propagate this wonderful art form the world over! 8O


   I look forward to your participation and contributions here on eHangar.com! :D
03/10/2004 17:59:00