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Collecting Aviation Art
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  What a great collection of original paintings nominated in the contest this year!   Thanks to all who took the time to showcase these works!
  This is the ninth year for this contest.
  Decide which 5 originals you like the most, and number them from 1 to 5.
  The original numbered 1 (your favorite) will receive 10 points.
  The original numbered 2 will receive 8 points.
  The original numbered 3 will receive 6 points.
  The original numbered 4 will receive 4 points.
  The original numbered 5 will receive 2 points.
  Voting will end on January 31 as time stamped by the website.   
  The original that has accumulated the most points will be the top, or number 1 original of 2017. The original with the next highest collection of points will be placed in the number 2 position. It may happen that several originals may tie with the same point total. If that happens, they will share in their placement. For example, with the number 1 and 2 positions spoken for, say three originals tie for third place. Originals 3-5 are tied, will share third place, and will be listed in positions 3, 4 and 5 in alphabetical order by the artist   s last name. There may be more than 10 originals placing if a tie situation takes up additional spots.
  I added some extra nominating time so that Guss could get his entries in.   I'd like to add some extra voting time, but Sunny would like to revamp the site ASAP, and I don't want to hold him up.
  The winners will be posted on February 1.
24/12/2017 02:14:05
I'll kick off the contest with this entry:
  "Folgore Furball" by Darryl Legg
  17" x 28"
  Acrylic on canvas
  Completed 2017
  This painting is based on an actual encounter pitting the P-40F flown by Lt Warren Penny of the "Checkertail Clan" against a Sicilian-based MC.202.   Here are some details of the encounter:
  Page 24 of Checkertail Clan:    On July 7th, the 317th  Squadron took off to escort 25 Baltimores of 223 Squadron, RAF to the Trapani/Milo Airfiled in Sicily.    The 23 P-40s ran into 13 fighters over the target and shot down 6.    Lt. Hank Brudydge and Walter B. Walker, Jr. and F/Os Bill    Hotpipes    Brookbank, Huntington and Bruce Cunningham added 109s to the day   s score while Lt. Penny destroyed a Macchi 202.  
  Page 15 of Aces of the 325th  Fighter Group:    The Luftwaffe next made an appearance on 7 July during an escort mission to Trapani-Milo airfield on Sicily.    Charged with protecting 25 Baltimore IIIA bombers of the Royal Air Force   s No 223 Sqn, the 325thengaged 12 Bf 109s and C.202s that attempted to attack the bombers as they approached the target area.    Again, the Axis fighters took a beating at the hands of the    Checkertails   , with six aircraft being claimed as destroyed for the loss of one P-40.    Single Bf 109s were credited to Lts Hank Brundydge and future ace Walter Walker and Flt Offs Bill Brookbank (his second), Clifford Huntington (his second) and Bruce Cunningham.    The sixth kill, a C.202, was credited to Lt Warren Penny, raising his total to two.    Lt Donald Castleberry was shot down in flames by an enemy fighter during the dogfights.    Lt Clifford Huntington tried to save Lt Castleberry but failed.
  The Martin Baltimore is an interesting aircraft.   Other than model box top art, I've never seen one in a painting before.
  Hope you enjoy the painting!
24/12/2017 02:34:41
Added some new artists (for me) to the collection this year. Here is the first -
  Piotr Dubowik
  Completed 2017
  Acrylic/watercolor on paper
  42 cm x 60 cm
24/12/2017 04:40:31
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Steve Anderson
  Defense of the Reich
  Completed 2017
  Oil on linen
  18 in x 36 in
  Steve Anderson
  The Few
  Completed 2017
  Oil on linen
  18 in x 36 in
24/12/2017 04:57:21
Darryl Legg
  Date unknown
  Acrylic on linen
  12 in x 18 in
  Darryl Legg
  Date unknown
  Acrylic on linen
  12 in x 18 in
24/12/2017 05:20:59
Rick Herter
  Mustang Engaged
  Completed 1990
  Oil on panel
  22 in x 36 in
24/12/2017 05:25:50
Kevin Weber
  Clean  Sweep
  Completed 2017
  Oil on panel
  18 in x 24 in
24/12/2017 05:33:02
Mark Postlethwaite
  Head-On Attack
  Completed 2017
  Acrylic on panel
  15 in x 11 in
24/12/2017 05:38:50
Nice!   I was a little worried there wouldn't be enough entries to have a contest this year, but Blacksheep's entries alone could support a nice contest!
26/12/2017 15:44:07
Usually I commission a painting or buy a recently completed painting.   This one was unusual in that it was done long ago.   In fact, it was one of the early paintings Virginia Bader brought to the US to sell as she was starting her aviation art business.   I was very happy to add a painting from the early days of one of the "great masters" of aviation art.
     P-38 Lightning 'My Dad'    by John Young
  18? x 24?
  Oil on canvas
  Completed mid to late 1970s
  A little background on this particular aircraft.   James M. Morris was from Detroit, MI and the Eighth Air Force   s first P-38 ace.   He was credited with 7.333 victories.   Four of these happened on a single sortie, February 8, 1944, when he shot down two Fw 190s and two Bf 109Gs.   This set a P-38 record at the time for the European theater of operations. By shooting down an Me 410, Morris achieved his last kill on July 7, 1944.   During the dogfight, his fighter was badly shot up by the Me 410   s waist guns forcing Morris to bail out. He spent the rest of the war as a POW.

Jim Morris was part of the USAAF 77th Fighter Squadron in the 20th Fighter Group.   His squadron was based at RAF Kings Cliffe, UK which was also base to the 347th Fighter Squadron and 56th Fighter Group.   James M. Morris flew several P-38s, but his aircraft was named    My Dad    (42-67717) and was emblazoned with his impressive tally.   The    My Dad    nose art was on the port fuselage with    Til we meet again    painted inside of a black spade on the starboard side.

26/12/2017 16:19:26
   Lightning Over The Bay Of Naples    by Jack Fellows
  15? x 24?
  Oil on board
  Completed 2000
  Flight Officer Frank Hurlbut, an ace of the 96TH Fighter Squadron, 82nd Fighter Group is featured in this painting.   His September 2nd  1943 duel off the island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples is depicted.   Hurlbut has just shot down Jg-53   s leading ace, Oblt. Franz Schiess, during a fierce fighter clash involving numerous Axis aircraft of various types facing off against 12th USAAF P-38 Lightnings.
28/12/2017 22:34:08
One last P-38.
  P-38 Lightning "Putt Putt Maru" study by Roy Grinnell
  8.5? x 12?
  Oil on board
  Completion date unknown
  This painting shows Charles MacDonald's P-38 "Putt Putt Maru".   In the early 1990s, Roy did a print for the AFAA called "Danger! Lightning Nearby" signed by 11 aces of the 475th Fighter Group featuring MacDonald's P-38.   I suspect this may have been one of the early concepts for that painting.   This concept must not have made the cut; however, as the final painting is very different.
30/12/2017 03:18:22
Spitfire RF-A study by Roy Grinnell
  8.5? x 12?
  Oil on board
  Completion date unknown
  I believe this painting shows a 303 Squadron Spitfire flown by Mike Gladych.   I suspect this may have been a concept for an American Fighter Aces Association print featuring Gladych, who lived in the US after the war.   Just a guess on my part, though.   I did ask Roy & Irene about this study, but they did not recall the purpose behind it.   
31/12/2017 03:11:35
Last one for me - something different this time!   I am told there are more to come...
  "Nieuport 23" by Lucio Perinotto
  25.5? x 19.5?
  Gouache on watercolor paper
  Completed 2011
31/12/2017 23:25:37
'Monarch of the Glen'
  C130 Hercules
  RAF 130 Hercules (x2) at low level in Glen Coe Scotland.   Oil on canvas 36"x24".   Artist: Charles McHugh - Painted 2017.
02/01/2018 11:43:32
'Royal Ascent'
  RAF Sea King SAR helicopter
  RAF SAR Sea King helicopter flown by HRH Prince William climbs towards the summit of Mount Snowdon - North Wales.   Oil on canvas 36"x24".
  Artist: Charles McHugh - Painted 2017.
02/01/2018 11:45:41
'Highland Buccaneer'
  HS Buccaneer overhead Eilean Donan castle in the Scottish Highlands
  RAF Buccaneer aircraft climbs out of low level abeam Eilean Donan castle in the Scottish Highlands.   Oil on canvas 97cm x 60cm.
  Artist: Charles McHugh - Painted 2017.
02/01/2018 11:58:22
'1955 Trans Antarctic Expedition'
  1955 Trans Antarctic Expedition
  1955 Trans Antarctic Expedition - South Pole.   Auster & DH Otter aircraft.   Oil on canvas 30"x20".
  Artist: Charles McHugh - Painted 2017.
02/01/2018 12:06:06
US PR Spitfire MKxi canvas size 710x560mm Artist Don Wilkie26173198_1840860239289974_2495543393910910022_o.jpg
08/01/2018 03:38:57
Typhoon of No 486 (NZ) squadron over the Dortmund-Esms Canal. Pilot flying the A/C was S/L Taylor-Canon . Painting oil on canvas 24x18". Artist Don Wilkie
08/01/2018 03:39:55