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Hello all
  I haven't contributed for a long time and have noticed that even with new releases on the market there really isn't anything put on this forum anymore in the way of reviews. This is a little strange given that as far as I can tell, this is the foremost forum for aviation art. So I will fire up with RT1's latest, 'The Final Show'.
  I think it's great to see something other than P-51s, the Dambusters or the Battle of Britain, as much as I love them all! The Tempest is a glorious feat of engineering and deserves some more recognition on the big stage of aviation art. I like this image. I like the subject, the wear and tear on the airframe, the fact that we have 190s in the background, and the 109 pilot got safely out of his flamer. Unfortunately we have the ridiculous pricing to contend with but I may get one of the limited or collector editions, buy some relevant signatures from Evil Bay and make up a nice mat.
  What do you think of this one?
06/08/2017 02:16:36
OK, I'll join in. I too am a regular browser and have noted the lack of interest shown in RT's latests. That 'Devastating Strike' could slip by unmentioned was truly surprising, when Robert paints 'wings and water' it works for me. I agree wholeheartedly with your opinion of 'The Final Show', the level of airframe detail and the subtlety of the light are hallmarks of a classic work and I can't wait to place mine next to 'Midwinter Dawn'. Regarding the price, expensive yes but I don't think they're too bad, nice things cost money and I get more than that amount of pleasure from them.  
  Thanks for kick-starting something, Cheers.
08/08/2017 11:17:23
You're right with the price, I'm just turning into a tight arse! I get grumpier with age.
  I too got a copy of Devastating Strike as I am an avid fan of the artist (of course) and the mighty Mosquito. Surely the most beautiful yet deadly aircraft of the war. It's a great image and once again it's slightly left of field from the usual scenarios that we get with many of the new releases.
  What do we think?
10/08/2017 11:51:26
Agree there have been some very interesting releases from RT lately, The Final Show and Devastating Strike are both different and interesting subjects. I also like Okinawa Towards the Bitter End and Looking for Trouble. I think there have been some misses to, This Sceptered Isle with the White Cliffs and a Spitfire and the Blond Knight, Hartmann and crew with a 109 on the ground. It is personal taste but it is nice to see some different subjects from BoB and Dambusters. No doubt prints are now coming in smaller releases and selling slowly this could be driving a move towards some different subjects.
  There has not been any new material posted for a long time, will try and get some more remarques posted over the next few weeks.
12/08/2017 19:13:17
Great, I love looking at your remarques even if I do end up with an inferiority complex!
  I'll post some pictures of the budget options as well, mixing up signatures purchased elsewhere with other prints. I should get a couple back soon.
13/08/2017 01:47:00
Hi guys, just posted my Devastating Strike in the remarque page, I do like this one very much, apart from 'Ploesti' how often do you see RT clip the wing off the edge on a main print? I agree with your hits and misses Simon but would like to add Dambuster 'Leading The Way' pencil to the miss column, too much white paper and not enough Lancaster for me. Cheers, Mark.
14/08/2017 06:21:16