Hello from Melbourne, AUS.

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Greetings fellow art-aviators,
  am I too late??     I jest, but from reading the forums it does seem to be that the industry  is currently  in a lull (and then some)? I would be extremely glad to be proven wrong as I am 35 and inherited my father's passion for all things military especially aviation as well as his collection and published works he commissioned as an aviation art publisher that have  become very dear to me for obvious reasons but have also inspired me to take a keen interest in continuing on his collection. So it would be great to reach out to those who are still very much passionate and active within the community as it seems like this is such a unique and incredible hub of like-minded  individuals who's collections are quite honestly blowing my mind and inspiring me to research and delve deeper into the wider world of collecting that apparently I have a very narrow experience with. Military Aviation has always been a present love of mine, but coming out of my twenties and into my 30's I guess I am settling down a bit and becoming more considerate of all things history and also a bit more appreciative and grateful for the world that lies before and behind me and it inevitably  comes back quite often to recounting and immersing myself in the incredible feats of individuals such as the pilots and servicemen and women of WW2 and on both sides of the conflict, something wich my father raised me on acknowledging.  
  With that being said I will be posting his collection over the coming weeks and I will be researching many of the paintings he commissioned and the stories behind them (They have a strong Australian theme to them being Aussies) including John Gorton, Nancy Wake, Vivian Bullwinkel,  Charles Palliser (UK), Bobby Gibbs, and more, he also filmed all the signings that have some incredible stories and recounts from the pilots and servicewoman (Nancy Wake made him meet her at the pub at 10am and spend the day drinking gin and telling stories) so I am spending some time converting these to digital in hope of making them available to those who are interested. Along with this, I will be posting his collection of Originals, RT prints, various other prints including some prints that I have yet to see mentioned on this forum or anywhere online. Looking forward  to seeing who can shed light on some of them and am very keen to see if any originals of them are amongst your collections. Enjoying immensely seeing even the photos of some of the originals,  it is becoming  quite the adrenaline rush :) :) Will keep you posted but I will say that some of the collections I have seen are beyond what I thought possible so I hope this medium - smallish collection (by comparison) still has some interest.  
  cheers and look forward  to getting involved,
17/04/2017 22:59:42
  Glad to see we have managed to overcome the challenges getting you onboard here, so a bigwelcome  to eHangar!  
  I'm glad to read that you are a second generation aviation art enthusiast. Wow, that really shows that aviation art is getting longer in the tooth!  yo
  After reading all that you have shared so far about your dad, I am very curious to know who he is - are you ok to reveal his name as I and some others here might also know him?
  I'm looking forward to what you said you will be sharing on this site. Please let me know if you run into any technical hitches.
  Again, welcome to eHangar and our aviation art community!  
  Cheers  cheers
19/04/2017 07:30:37
Thanks, Sunny :)
  Peter Forbes is the old man's name, he had Border's Gallery Frame and Print shop in Balwyn and his publishing house was Angels Twenty Fine Art.  
  I have been spending my spare time building him a website over the past 6 months which  has been such a rewarding process (He ceased any official dealer or publisher duties around 5 years ago but his study still resembles that of a retail art gallery! I thought it would be an absolute shame if his works were to go the way of the Dodo, its incredible how seldom Military Aviation Art and Military history has been documented online. It's  crazy. And without getting too much into it here, is a death rattle for the industry) as I have spent much time researching prints, their events the pilots and the planes. Even though it has been a part of my life since birth I have definitely developed a new and insatiable appetite for all things collecting and the history of m/a in general so I am as it seems quite the sliding door!  
19/04/2017 09:27:57