For Sale: RT's Operation Chastise (Collectors Edition) & some other prints, some remarqued

Collecting Aviation Art
  Classified still not working, so posting here again!
  I've got a near-mint copy of the Collectors Edition of Operation Chastise (13 sigs with Green on Go print).   I've no idea of the cost these days, so open to sensible offers. Posatage/delivery at cost, depending on location.
  I also have some prints by several artists (some remarqued) so if you'd like a list with pics and more info, please contact me.
  Email address is:
26/03/2017 20:05:21
Hi Jon,
  would be interested in know what you have and prices.
30/03/2017 15:10:00
Hi Rob,
  If you can drop an email to I'll send you a list with some photos.
01/04/2017 08:42:29