CALL FOR ENTRIES - Top 10 Aviation Originals of 2016 !!!

Collecting Aviation Art
eHangar members,
  A little behind schedule this year, but better late than never!   It's been a slow year on eHangar, but the site seems to be working quite well now.   I'm hoping the originals contest will bring a few members back to participate as it has done in the past.
  Eighth year for this contest.   This started as an excellent suggestion by Chris (Blueviper2).   Instead of prints, we're talking original art here.
  Any artist can submit their own original completed this year.   Please do!   I know that's a bit unusual, as most artists are too modest to submit their own work, but in the interest of a good contest, we collectors would be happy if you did.   If you don   t want to nominate your own original, you could at least drop a hint to one of your friends to nominate it!
  Artists should freely submit works done by a peer this year.
  If you acquired an original this year, please submit it.
  If you've seen a good original this year with an eHangar connection, please submit it. Here's where collectors can nominate things they've seen on eHangar.
  Let's get all those good originals we've seen this year in the contest!
  One limitation will be on Taylor originals and other widely published works.   For example, I know the original for "Jet Hunters" is out there somewhere.   However, neither Robert Taylor nor the owner has posted it here on eHangar.   However, if the lucky owner of "Jet Hunters" is on eHangar reading this, and wants to put it in the contest, it's fair game!
  Bottom line for widely published works, they must have some eHangar connection (artist, owner, etc.) to be in this contest.
  Here's how it will work:
  Every member can nominate up to 10 of their favorite originals (painting, pencil, digital, sculpture, whatever) created or acquired during 2016.
  Please nominate your choices by including the title of the original, the name of the artist, and an image of the original.   Unlike prints, there aren't many images of originals out there for me to snag off a website.   You're pretty much going to have to provide your own image.
  For those unfamiliar with how to post images, see Sunny's instructions or PM me.
  The nominations must be time stamped by the website no later than January 10.
  VOTING (To take place later, starting January 11)    
  Decide which 5 originals you like the most, and number them from 1 to 5.
  The original numbered 1 (your favorite) will receive 10 points.
  The original numbered 2 will receive 8 points.
  The original numbered 3 will receive 6 points.
  The original numbered 4 will receive 4 points.
  The original numbered 5 will receive 2 points.
  Voting will end on January 31 as time stamped by the website.
  The original that has accumulated the most points will be the top, or number 1 original of 2016. The original with the next highest collection of points will be placed in the number 2 position. It may happen that several originals may tie with the same point total. If that happens, they will share in their placement. For example, with the number 1 and 2 positions spoken for, say three originals tie for third place. Originals 3-5 are tied, will share third place, and will be listed in positions 3, 4 and 5 in alphabetical order by the artist's last name. There may be more than 10 originals placing if a tie situation takes up additional spots.
  I'll start the voting process with a seperate thread on January 11 and restate these rules at that time. The winners will be posted on February 1.
07/12/2016 01:58:30
I traditionally get the contests kicked off with one of mine.   I received a few from Darryl just a bit too late to get into last year's contest.   Here's the first one.   It doesn't have a title, so I'll have to come up with something.
  Darryl Legg
  "Gale Over Fuji"
  16 x 28 Acrylic On Canvas
07/12/2016 02:05:53
It has been a slow year at the Blacksheep's Stable, but ended the year with a couple of nice acquisitions -
  David Gray
  Ruptured Duck over Tokyo
  Completed 2016
  Acrylic on panel
  30 in x 40 in
07/12/2016 21:26:41
Troy White
  The Kidd
  Completed 1999
  Oil on linen
  44 in x 34 in
07/12/2016 21:29:20
Nice acquisitions indeed!   I think "The Kidd" is my favorite of Troy White's paintings.   I'll bet it's really something in person.   
07/12/2016 21:37:58
Congratulations Fuzzy on keeping this much love Annual event alive.
  Despite being in between house moves for most of this year I still managed to acquire four additions to the "Daz Collection" I may have to ask for you to bare with me posting up images as they are in storage so online images may have to do!
  But to get them up and nominated  
  Mark Postlethwaite "Tempests Units" (From his Osprey book cover series)

  Robin Smith "The Dreaded Salvo" ( painted several years ago but came to my collection this year)
  Neil Hipkiss "Winter at Volkel"
  Martin Bleasby "Normandy Typhoons"

10/12/2016 13:01:39
Daz - Looking forward to the images.   I missed Neil & Martin's Typhoons.   That's why I like the contest - a chance to catch up on things I missed this year!
10/12/2016 19:14:47
Gareth just posted this in the Ready Room, and I want to add it to the contest.   Nicely done Gareth!
  Gareth Hector
  "Clash over the Ore"
  Painting is 100cm x 60cm oil on canvas
11/12/2016 15:06:55

'Apr  s moi, le d  luge'

RAF Avro Lancaster attacking the Mohne Dam - fifth and final attack.

Oils on canvas 97cm x 60cm completed  August 2016.

Artist: Charles McHugh.

16/12/2016 22:03:42
RAF Handley Page Hastings transport aircraft at RAF Nicosia - Cyprus.
  Oils on canvas 97cm x 60cm completed December 2016.
  Artist: Charles McHugh
17/12/2016 11:19:30
This year will be my first time for entering some works for your consideration.   All will be original drawings that I have picked up over the last year and I don't think that I have posted any of them up to now.   Here is the first.   This is a large 16 X 18 original pencil drawing by Charles Knotek.   Charles was one of the early illustrators of pulp novels of the 60s and 70s and did some model box art as well.   He was also a fixture on the air show circuit for many years until he passed away in 2008.   His style is typical of the time and this one is quite bold and well done.   I purchased this from the family of the man for which Charles did the drawing.   This one is believed to date to about 1993 and is simply titled "Frank Luke".
21/12/2016 20:36:29
Next up is an original pencil drawing that Nick Trudgian did for me with the title of "Second to None".   It features Barkhorn downing a Russian fighter while Eric Hartmann flies on his wing.   Couldn't resist having them both on the same drawing as the plan was to frame this with signatures I collected for both.   Nick is a real pleasure to work with and allows a lot of input.   He provided regular updates on progress and allowed me to make changes.   The crest was a last minute add which I think greatly enhanced the overall presentation.
21/12/2016 20:51:35
Some of you may have seen earlier that I picked up some original drawings by R.G. Smith from his family.   Many of these are very early drawings, some from even before he started his career with McDonnell Douglas.   Posted some earlier this year and I will add a few more here for the 2016 competition.   These would certainly win an "oldest drawing" contest as some are as old as 1931!
  First up is a pair of matching drawings by R.G. Smith that are really quite small as can be seen by the penny shown in the photographs next to the drawings.   I admit to having my doubts on these when I got them since they were so small  and went so far as to take an eraser to a tiny portion on the edge of one of them and it is pencil for sure.   The size and quality of these is really impressive.   No title so lets call them "R.G. Smith drawing pair".   Note that these were drawn in 1934 and this is the first time they have been seen outside the family.
21/12/2016 21:19:16
My final entry for this year is another original R.G. Smith drawing.   This one is not signed but is dated 1931.   It is simply called "Scout Plane".   Does anyone recognize this aircraft?   I thought it looked like a Curtis from that time but did not find it.   This could also be a design from his own mind as this dates from before his time at McDonnell Douglas.   His family told me that engineering drawings of this type all ended up in the Douglas archives and they didn't have any others.   Note the cutaway of the wing and the tiny notations from R.G.   Also, this was actually drawn on the back of a sheet of hospital stationary. I did a little digging and the name of the hospital and address do indeed date from the time of the drawing.   This is one of my favorite pieces even though it is unsigned by R.G. Smith.
21/12/2016 21:30:22
Wow - those drawings are great additions to the contest!  
  The Knotek is a great piece.   It looks like something done during WW1.   Maybe that was the effect he was trying to achieve?   Very cool.
  It's always a pleasure to see one of Nick's finely-detailed drawings.   The close-up shots are particularly appreciated.   Fantastic!
  The RG Smith drawings are some historic pieces.   The little drawings are very interesting.   The engineering drawing is fascinating as well.   The aircraft doesn't look familiar to me, but I have no expertise concerning aircraft of that time period.   About the closes thing I can think of is a Bristol Bulldog?
  Thanks for adding these!
22/12/2016 15:45:23
These are my paintings for 2016
  Commission 24x20 inches Oil on canvas
  RNZAF Corsair 40x20 inches oil on canvas
  The Chase  36x24 inches oil on canvas
  Heat of Battle 45x33inches oil on canvas
24/12/2016 04:12:45
My drawings for 2016.
  B24 Waist gunners
  RNZAF 75 squadron Mustang  
  Sounds of Thunder Hawker typhoon scramble 24x15 inches
  Stuka what it does best
  Mighty Lightening
  Lancaster bomb Aimer
24/12/2016 04:25:52
Thanks Don - a very nice selection of drawings & paintings this year!
  Thanks also to Charles - whatever issue I had viewing your images is gone and they are showing up now - great additions to the contest!
24/12/2016 20:29:06
Here are three of my original works completed this year. These are all 2D digital paintings.
  "Pan Am Jet Clipper" - commissioned by a dealer  for a collector.
  "Dragon Lady" - commissioned by a dealer for a collector.
  "Million Dollar Baby" - work completed for my own pleasure.
27/12/2016 17:15:54
"The First Day of the Last Year"

  11 X 14 inches; acrylic on artists 'claybord', completed November 2016
29/12/2016 19:13:37