The P-51

Work Critique Room
My new drawing P51. Shipped from the US on the "Dominion Park". Received at the Aircraft Assembly Depot Hobsonville on 27 August 1945. Placed in rubberised storage at Hobsonville in early 1946.Transferred to Ardmore by barge and road in February 1947.  
 Removed from storage and activated in August 1951. Second RNZAF Mustang to fly in the hands of Flight Lt. G. Rabone. To CFS, Wigram in September 1951. To No.75 Squadron, Ohakea on 28 July 1952 for drogue towing and specialist weapons courses.  
 To No.2 (Wellington) TAF Squadron 22 June 1953-13 October 1955. Stored at Woodbourne from 13 November 1955. Sold by GSB Tender Number 5926 to ANSA Co, Nelson for 70 pounds in May 1958 and broken up in 1961.
28/10/2016 03:17:22
Great drawing Don.   Your partial color technique really works nicely  on this piece.
28/10/2016 11:46:35
Yes, I really like this piece too. The sepia toned effect of the paper is really nice. The Mustang looks great and the aluminium finish is done very well.
29/10/2016 05:12:34
Thank you both for your comments means a lot as I was a bit nervous about hot the plan metal skin would come out.
29/10/2016 05:58:42