Homepage looks weird? Don't worry, we're redecorating!

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If you checked into the site and thought the homepage looks weird and suspect it may have been hacked into and defaced, don't worry - I'm just playing around with some new themes to see which is the best to use to showcase the forum posts.
  In fact, I have been looking at dozens of pre-designed themes but none seem to suit the site's specifications, and so I have invested in a software to design and build my own custom theme!
  While I'm learning this new software and trying out the various features, I will be switching back and forth between the test theme and the regular 'safe' theme.
  One of the challenges is that nowadays, more and more people are using tablets and smart phones to access the site, and so the theme needs to be able to fit and display properly on many different types of screens.
  Thank you for your patience! :)
24/08/2016 14:59:17
That's great Sunny - looking forward to seeing the final product!
25/08/2016 14:42:13