Site issues still being resolved, eHangar may go offline temporarily Site Announcements
Hi folks, the site has been experiencing a number of technical issues and I am still looking into it, and also bringing in some technical help.
  Over the next few days, some portions of the site may not work as before as we disable some plugins and functions to try to isolate the causes of the technical issues. The site may even go offline for a while.
  I am alerting you to these developments so you are not too alarmed or concerned if the site looks or behaves differently in the next few days. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. These gremlins are truly annoying but I hope to flush them out soon, forever!
  I was also informed that there are currently   23,378 emails queue for delivery in the server. As I am not sending out any emails or newsletters, I suspect the email server may have been hijacked or compromised.
  If you receive, or have received, any emails from that seems suspicious, please let me know.
06/05/2016 02:20:53
Thanks for keeping us informed Sunny, and good luck!
06/05/2016 15:53:54