Nick Trudgian Pencil Drawing Prints

Collecting Aviation Art
Hello all
  I am new to the forum and a relative novice to the world of animation art compared to many of thanks for having us!
  In the short time I have been collecting, primarily Battle of Britain-related work, I have developed a real love for Nick Trudgian's pencil work.   I was wondering if you would be able to help in piecing together his back catalogue?   Due to my late arrival on the scene, I am very much approaching my acquisitions  with eyes looking back, travelling through  the amazing work that has been created over the last 30+ years...and it's been a great ride so far!
  So, how many of Nick's Battle of Britain pencil drawings have made it in to print form (at this stage, originals are a little beyond me financially!)??   I so far have copies of 'Battle of Britain Day', 'Retribution' and 'Combat Over the Capital', and I am aware of the others currently found on Vector's website.   I have seen some stunning original work from throughout his career, but is there a large number of older prints out there??
  Thanks for taking a look and thanks for any  feedback!
26/02/2016 21:40:27
The Vector site is the best starting point.   I don't recall many BoB pencil prints from Nick's Military Gallery days.   It seems to me that the pencil prints  really got going  after he left MG.   The other thing I would do is go to his website and contact Nick to see what else may be out there. There were some pencil prints that went with a few of his post-MG Luftwaffe releases, and there may also be some that went with the RAF releases.
02/03/2016 20:17:12