Foxing on print, any solutions?

Collecting Aviation Art
  Well I just bought this print that to me was to good to pass up, and i think it is a great print to own. Problem is, the print was apparently stored in poor conditions and foxing has covered over much of the print. It is mostly noticeable on the top, right border and back of the print.  
  Any solutions to maybe clean it up?  
  Also i am open to hear what you guys think a good price for this print would be. I don't   want to sell just interested in fellow collector's opinions on purchasing such a print.20160225_161326.jpg20160225_161430.jpg20160225_161500.jpg20160225_161543.jpg
26/02/2016 02:42:41
As a picture framer, that doesn't look like traditional foxing, who's cause is still up for debate.
 Would have to look at it much closer to be sure, but a couple ideas:
 To me that looks like spray glue residue or it was stored between sheets of something very acidic and those are burns.
 Chance it is also a type of mold.
 Find a qualified and certified paper conservator in your area.
 Have them look at it and get their opinion. If it is fixable, may not too be too awful much.
28/03/2016 04:53:27
I agree with Steven.   Find a paper conservator to restore this print.   Do not attempt it yourself.
  It would be nice to find a paper conservator in your area, but since prints are easily mailed, that's not required.   I know of a source another collector uses if you need one.   My understanding is that they charge around $150-$200 to restore a print.   I think that would be money well-spent in this case, considering the value of the print if it was in good condition.
28/04/2016 13:40:31