Introducing New Moderator - Guss! Site Announcements
eHangar AvatarWe are pleased to invite Guss to eHangar's team of forum moderators with effect from today.
  Aviation art collector Guss has been a stalwart member of eHangar's forums for many years, contributing comments and sharing posts of his personal art collection.
  He has also demonstrated his care and loyalty to eHangar by proactively highlighting technical issues to me personally, on many occasions. These alerts and constructive feedback have been invaluable to me to bringing the site back on track.
  Personally, I regard Guss as a Patron of eHangar, as in addition to his invaluable advice and feedback, he is also the first member to make a financial donation to when the Donation program was launched two weeks ago to raise funds to help maintain and develop eHangar. Thank you, Guss, for your significant contributions to eHangar!
  Please join me in welcoming Guss onboard the team of moderators!
23/01/2016 02:08:41
What the hell. A donation program? That's got to be the best kept secret on here.
  ...Looking for the big flashing 'donate' icon....
  And to Guss- cheers
24/01/2016 12:59:25
DONATE  (click on me)
24/01/2016 13:16:13
Congrats Gus,
  I can't think of a better person to have as a mod on eHangar!
25/01/2016 16:08:20
Congratulations Guss!
  You picked an upstanding guy Sunny.
30/01/2016 16:09:17