TIME FOR NOMINATIONS !!! - Top 10 Aviation Art Prints of 2015

Collecting Aviation Art
Because he's run into technical challenges with eHangar, Fuzzy has asked me to launch the contest thread for the Top 10 Aviation Art Prints of 2015.   Like the Top Original thread, the deadline for entries is the end of January.   Have at it folks!
  - Guss
02/01/2016 01:39:45
RT-Double-Strike.jpgRobert Taylor's Double Strike imho :)
02/01/2016 18:30:58
\As many of you know, the site is downright grumpy, and Sunny hasn't been able to fix the issue of posts not going to the homepage.   Unfortunately, this print contest is one of those posts that isn't cooperating.   So, I'm not sure how much visibility this will get.
  Normally, nominations are limited to 10.   Given the circumstances, I'm just going to list a bunch I saw that I like.   Feel free to add anything you like.   We'll see if this contest attracts any attention or not.
  I don't keep close track of release dates.   If it "seems new" to me, I put it in.   If any of these were released in 2014, let me know and I'll remove them.
  Anthony Saunders "Final Roster"
03/01/2016 15:30:32
Anthony Saunders "The Longest Summer"
03/01/2016 15:32:39
Anthony Saunders "Thunder in the Ardennes"
03/01/2016 15:33:32
Jack Fellows "Bodenplatte - Disaster at Y-29"
03/01/2016 15:34:38
Jim Laurier "Pappy Boyington"
03/01/2016 15:35:26
John Shaw "Flying Tiger Legacy"
03/01/2016 15:36:18
John Shaw "Reno Gold"
03/01/2016 15:37:04
Matt Hall "Point of No Return"
03/01/2016 15:37:54
Matt Hall "Low Level Run"
03/01/2016 15:40:33
Mark Karvon "The Winds of October"
03/01/2016 15:41:19
Mark Postlethwaite "Black Horse Over Bamburg"
03/01/2016 15:42:08
Mark Postlethwaite "Hurricanes Into Battle"
03/01/2016 15:42:57
Mark Postlethwaite "Spitfires Into Battle"
03/01/2016 15:43:49
Nicolas Trudgian "For King and Country"
03/01/2016 15:44:21
Nicolas Trudgian "Off To The Chosin"
03/01/2016 15:46:19
Nicolas Trudgian "Storm Force"
03/01/2016 15:47:13
Randy Green "The Old Breed"
03/01/2016 15:48:02
Rick Herter "Grand Canyon Lightning"
03/01/2016 15:48:58