This Years BoB Anniversary Prints

Collecting Aviation Art
Hello again
  Any thoughts on the latest round of BoB prints. I want to get one but not all and I'm not quite decided. It's out of:
  RT1 - The Greatest Day
  RT2 - Retrun from the Fray
  Mark Postlethwaite - Spitfires Into Battle
  NT - For King and Country
  I am not sold on RT1's latest to be honest, has anyone seen it in the flesh? I'm over the whole obsession with Douglas Bader.
  RT2's looks nice but I think the front runners are MP and NT. Looks nice and a good price compared to the Taylors.
  Any opinions if you've seen them first hand?
04/10/2015 12:04:54
Here's one you should check out before buying anything else.   It's the best one I've seen this year, and one of the best ever.   Gareth has posted it on eHangar, but for some reason that thread is not on the homepage.   Prints are available.  
  The latest from Gareth Hector - "Dropping By The Horse And Jockey"
20/10/2015 02:13:27