Spot the deliberate mistake - Welcoming Respite

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Hello all
  After many years of it hanging on my wall, I just noticed a spelling mistake on the Robert Taylor Print 'Welcoming Respite', the one that came with one of his books.
  Has anyone else seen it - no prizes for spotting it now!
  Funny how that one slipped through, kind of makes it quirky though....
  I actually really like that image though, one of my favs.
04/10/2015 11:54:48
Can you post a photo of the print?
  For those of us who do not own this print, what images of it that can be found on the internet do not show the borders and printed words, so we cannot participate in this question if we cannot see what you are referring to.  cry2
27/10/2015 05:46:46
The text is as follows, exactly as follows!
  'Welcoming Respite'
  Pilots of 603 Squadron take a welcome respite from the heavy call of duty during the Battle of Britian. Biggin Hill August 1940
  I think it adds to the charm - but it makes you wonder  who proofed it before release!
02/11/2015 08:58:25
The "Battle of Britian" - what was that?
  Where is "Britian" anyway?
23/11/2015 23:09:40