RESULTS ARE IN !!! - Top 10 Aviation Art Originals of 2015

Collecting Aviation Art
Congratulations to one of the "old masters" of aviation art - Roy Grinnell - for taking the top spot in the 2015 contest with "The Struggle Begins"!
  Congrats also go to Simon for acquiring such a wonderful painting.   
  Thanks to all those who entered paintings in the contest, and all those who took the time to vote - it is very much appreciated.
  It was a fantastic contest this year, with a wide array of outstanding aviation art.   Yes, it is a friendly competition, but in reality the contest is primarily a showcase for what members have created or acquired over the year.   I run it so that we can all review the year's best aviation art.
  Here are all the paintings from first to last in point totals.   With so many great choices, just securing a vote in the contest is a real honor.   One of the paintings I bought gathered the fewest points, yet it is a truly amazing work - that's how stiff the competition was this year.   
  Based on some previews I've seen, I suspect next year will every bit as good!
  48 points - Roy Grinnell "The Struggle Begins"
  44 points - Gareth Hector "Dropping in at the Horse and Jockey"
  44 points - Russell Smith "Strike Them From Above"
  24 points - Steve Anderson "Udet!"
  20 points - Darryl Legg "Typhoon McGoon"
  20 points - Mark Postlethwaite "Black Horse over Bamburgh"
  16 points - Roy Grinnell "Alone Above Baoshan"
  14 points - Darryl Legg    Jeanie   
  12 points - Darryl Legg "Fairey Delta Two"
  12 points - Mark Postlethwaite    JGIII Fokker D.VII   
  8 points - Roy Grinnell "First Sting"
  8 points - Darryl Legg "Exercise Glowing Speed"
  8 points - Darryl Legg    Gotterdammerung   
  8 points - Mark Postlethwaite "Winter Tempest"
  8 points - Don Wilkie    The Brave   
  6 points - Simon Atack "No Moon Tonight   
  6 points - Darryl Legg "Bum Steer"
  6 points - Robin Smith    Cold Hands Everywhere   
  4 points - Ivan Berryman "Fast and Furious"
  4 points - Harley Copic "Preddy's P-51B"
  4 points - Russell Smith "Stan's Colourful Steed"
  4 points - Kevin Weber "Thunderbird"
  2 points - Darryl Legg "Yak-9U"
  Not enough attention paid to 9th Air Force Thunderbolts, so I thought I'd honor one of them.   I'd like to do a few more.
  Darryl Legg "Jeanie"
  Acrylic on canvas 17" x 25"
27/12/2015 19:48:09
This is a good time to explain why a painting like Robert Taylor's "Double Strike" is not eligible for the contest.
  Robert Taylor has never participated on eHangar.   To the best of my knowledge, no eHangar member is the owner of "Double Strike".   Since that particular painting has no connection to any eHangar member, it is not eligible.   This is an eHangar contest, and only paintings owned by eHangar members or painted by eHangar members are eligible.   Sorry for any confusion.
28/12/2015 00:14:55
Kurt, it's great that you're running the new originals contest again!   I agree with you - the contest  provides a nice vehicle  to see some original aviation art that we might not get to see otherwise.   I'll be posting a few Darryl Legg paintings in the near future.   In the meantime, since there may be a number of folks who are newer to eHangar and haven't participated  before, it may be worthwhile to review the contest protocols and voting rules.   Should be fun!
28/12/2015 02:27:10
Well done kurt (Peter!!) for at least attempting to keep this going, as you say if nothing else a good source of paintings I missed this year!!! So I'll attempt to kick off continuing the Darryl Legg theme, the first two were commissions based on World Speed Record themes: This one the Blackbirds record   New York to London record set in 1974   "Exercise Glowing Speed by Darryl Legg"
  And the next the FD2 speed record just a little down the coast, and a little earlier in 1956, from where the SR71 went through it's timing gate
  "Fairly Delta Two by Darryl Legg
  This one, not a commission, and I need a better photo (to follow) because the detail is incredable  
  "MK IIa Hurricanes of 242 Sqn by Darryl Legg"
  Well that seemed to work :-)
29/12/2015 11:31:08
Wow Daz - those are standouts!
29/12/2015 22:01:09
Agree Fuzzy, Darryl Legg is certainly a standout artist, love the "Jeanie" by the way. Here are a few better images of my three:-
30/12/2015 13:25:00
A couple now bought this year from Ivan Berryman, the Sea Fury painting offered to me called "Fast and Furious" and then based on that I asked Ivan to do similar with The Tempest and this was the great result "The Dash for Home"

30/12/2015 13:30:38
Love Seafires & Tempests!
30/12/2015 15:45:06
As much as I love Darryl's artwork, it's good to see other artists represented in this year's contest.   Some excellent paintings so far!
31/12/2015 00:27:16
I agree Guss, hopefully others will join we three and we see some more paintings from further afield. I have a few more to add, but will drip feed when I get the time. I have 3 paintings I bought this year which may stretch Fuzzy's rules!!! painted a few years ago but acquired this year, I'll post them (unless told not to!!) for interest but except they may not get put through.
31/12/2015 12:25:35
  Definitely post all your paintings.   I don't recall if the definition of a "new" painting was ever addressed.   I think that if it is a new acquisition, that qualifies.   For example, I have one to post this year that was in the artist's collection for about 10 years.   2015 was the first year it was available, so I'll put it in the contest.   The more the merrier.   The whole point of this contest is to see   what eHangar artists & collectors have painted & acquired over the last year.
31/12/2015 17:17:00
OK so here are two that fit that remit, both bought this year at the same from the same seller. A guy in need of some cash so a deal to be had ! Both by Robin Smith this first one called "Cold hands Everywhere"

  And this one "A Rare Respite"

01/01/2016 12:53:19
Here are four I did this year.
  DSC_0002w.jpgDSC_0009w.jpgThe Brave" 1800x650mm oil on canvas
  DSC_0005w.jpgDSC_0016w.jpgLes Munro's Dam Buster Lancaster over the Dutch coast.  910x610mm oil on canvas
  final3w.jpg"safely Home" 710x500 oil on canvasDSC_0006w.jpgDSC_0009w-1.jpg
  "Alexander's Rag Time Band" 1200x650mm oil on canvas
01/01/2016 20:52:35
Hi, here is my one for 2015. "Spitfire Ultimate", 120 x 80 cm, acrylic on canvas.
  Cheers Frank
01/01/2016 21:40:13
  Nice bomber paintings!   The Stirling is a little odd looking, but for some reason I've always really liked it.
  Frank - the Spitfire painting is very creative.
01/01/2016 21:40:30
Like to put up a couple of other artist work from 2015
  Russell Smith
  "Stan's Colorful Steed"
  1546115_10153004394073614_5809816542740843617_n.jpg"Brandeburg Concerto"
  Strike them from above
  10991345_10153006582058614_3819569667060991421_n.jpgSteve Steve Heyen
  De Havilland FB VI Mosquitoes of 464 Squadron
  11958210_506468119511375_2638764758829641993_o.jpgWestland Whirlwinds of No 137 Sqn RAF in 1942.1557277_481299488694905_2620093101496523419_o.jpgSimon Atack
  No Moon Tonight
01/01/2016 21:47:42
Nice additions napier!
  Here's one of mine.   A 78th FG Mustang that  was eventually badly damaged  in a strafing attack, so I thought it would be good to show it down in the weeds.   Great nose art, by the way  (fuselage art, really).   The pilot looked a little too large in the first cut,  but Darryl was gracious enough to resize him for me.
  Darryl Legg "Bum Steer"
  Acrylic on canvas 17" x 25"
02/01/2016 13:04:34
I didn't get a chance to mention it when they first popped up, but those two Robin Smith paintings are excellent.   Especially "Cold Hands Everywhere".   Couldn't ask for a scene that  is more true to  winter!
  Here's a 15th Air Force P-38 Lightning.   Something you don't see often enough.   Some nice, colorful markings to be found on  a few of  those squadrons.   Great aircraft name too.
  Darryl Legg "Gotterdammerung"
  Acrylic on canvas 17" x 25"
03/01/2016 15:17:12

  I didn't get a chance to mention it when they first popped up, but those two Robin Smith paintings are excellent. Especially "Cold Hands Everywhere". Couldn't ask for a scene that is more true to winter!

  Couldn't agree more Fuzzy, always liked that painting ever since I saw it on a Xmas card, so much so I commissioned a similar scene set in the summer (artists don't like repeating a painting I find!!) So total shock when I saw it pop up for sale on eBay along with 3 others of Robin's
  So on to a couple of recent acquisitions from Mark Postlethwaite, this first was another commission from earlier in the year, we settled on the title of "Winter Tempest" Mark tells me there is a WIP video pending on his website regarding this

  The next not a commission, well not by me anyway!! A long story regarding this Lloyds Bank Spitfire again told better by Mark on his website. But it has come in to my possession, but not physically, I collect it in a few weeks time, so hope Mark doesn't mind me using his web photo for "Black Horse Over Bamburgh"

04/01/2016 13:08:11
Man - Daz is really bringing out the big guns this year!
  By the way, I did start a print contest as well.   Problem is, with the website challenges, I can't get it to show up on the homepage.   You'll have to burrow down to the "Collecting Aviation Art" subsection of the "Forum" section to find it.   Hopefully, there will be some interest in a print contest  this year too.   Originally, I wasn't going to bother, but the original contest participation is going much better than expected, so I figured, "Why not?"
04/01/2016 22:44:18