Robert Taylor flyers, order forms, etc. for sale.

Buy & Sell (Temporary Classifieds)
I'm cleaning out the filing cabinet and have several flyers, order forms and a brochure for sale that I doubt I'll ever have a use for. None of these are perfect as they all have 25-odd years of handling behind them.
  All sales to the US include shipping and rest of world shipping at actual costs. Paypimp only.
  'Flight of Eagles' flyer. $7.50
  'Home Run' brochure & order form. $15
  'Desert Hawks' flyer & order form. $10
  'Offshore Bombardment' flyer & order form. $10
  'St. Croix-Sur-Mer' flyer and order form. $10
  'Canberras Over Cambridgeshire' flyer & order form. $10
  'Zero Encounter' flyer & order form. $10
02/08/2015 23:44:46