Found a Cool Douglas World Crusier Print/Painting? Help

Collecting Aviation Art
  I am a newbie so please take it easy 8^)
  I am an art collector/dealer so I am always out I came across a really cool aviation piece.   For one, it is on canvas and i usaually can tell an original from a print, but this one seems older for a giclee IDK...I am guessing it is some kind of print, and if so I am hoping someone may recognize it.   It is signed and I cant make much of that is very cool and nicely done....HELPIMG_8736.JPGIMG_8738.JPGIMG_8739.jpegIMG_8740.JPGIMG_8742.JPG  
10/06/2015 22:34:24
I haven't seen that before.   The artist's signature doesn't look familiar either.   No clue.
12/06/2015 12:33:58