Thai Air Force Aviation Art Gallery
Thai Air Force Aviation Art - Bearcat
  I visited the Royal Thai Air Force Museum in Bangkok in November 2012  and just recently looked again at these photos I took of the aviation art displayed there.
  I believe aviation art enthusiasts will be interested to view these.
  The quality of the art work is quite good and I wonder if these artist or artists are local Thai or a "farang" (foreigner) was commissioned to paint them.
  At any rate, please enjoy them :)
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08/06/2015 08:35:18
  This looks like a Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) Nakajima Oscar attacking a US B-29 Superfortress bomber. I am unsure of this incident as I thought Thailand was neutral during WW2 or were they allies of the Japanese?
  This looks like a Nakajima Nate fighter.
  A Spad biplane fighter.  
  This looks like a Japanese Sonia
08/06/2015 08:41:46