Robert Taylor - Broken Silence Limited Edition print

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Hi All was just wondering if i could get some information about Robert Taylor - Broken silence
  All the Galleries i have looked at are sold out and cant find any realized prices anywhere.
  I have it on ebay at   695 Local collection or   30 postage on top of buy it now
  it is in perfect condition so was wondering what sort of price it is worth i.e. am i extremely high or too low?
  any input would be kindly appreciated, link attached below
09/03/2015 14:39:55
I think "Broken Silence" is a true Taylor classic.   You don't see them for sale too often.
  That being said, I see that yours is framed.   A framed print usually brings far less than an unframed print due to uncertainty about how it was framed.
  If it was framed properly (conservation materials, conservation mounting corners so that the print can be removed without damage, UV filtering glass, etc) and hung properly (no direct sunlight, no UV lighting like fluorescent), a framed print can be in outstanding condition.
  However, if the framing was sub-par (cheap mats, taped in place, lots of direct sun or fluorescent light leading to fading, etc), the print can be in bad shape.
  Since in most cases there is no way to determine how the print was framed, there is risk in buying one, and that risk is often reflected in a far lower price than an archived print.
19/04/2015 12:42:50
Hi, have taken out of the frame and isnt stuck to board or faded, and is in mint condition
29/04/2015 18:14:17