Russell Smith Original Oil Painting and Original large pencil drawing both framed pics

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Hey guys trying to avoid ebay and not in any hurry but I am pricing these awesome pieces below what I paid for them(
  many years ago. Looking for $1000 FIRM for the oil and $475 for the pencil drawing. I paid more for them direct from the artist and his art is much more collectable today than 2002 or 2006. Both are firm and buyer pays for insurance shipping. Please   verify these originals direct with Russell Smith as I bought them from him with no middle man.
  I also have close to 10 remarqued prints (most are double-remarqued some actually have a triple remarque), none of these
  are matted and framed. Finally I do have 3 matted and framed pieces two are smaller and one is huge. The huge piece is  
  Richard Taylor "Holding the Line Remarque" with signed card by Hasso von Mantueffel also a signature only of Otto Carius
  a higly decorated tank ace. The print being a remarque #4/25 of course has max signatures I believe six all Knights Cross
  winners. No expense spared and I am well over $3k into it. If you live in SoCal a local buyer would be great but I will sell and  
  shipe CONUS to fellow veteran collectors in Europe. NO paypal so wire transfer or you can mail a personal check or Cashiers
  Check/Money Order (most everyone here I know from all my years on this site since 2007 I can trust) . A newbie would have to get me direct references and pay first.
  thanks guys I will post a list unframed remarqued prints with prices. DAMM I wish I didn't sell so  
  s4couple references from ald guys on this site or pay upfront. I will add the cost of shipping and insurance to the price but again my price on theses pieces is absurdly low.  
  As for prints I will sell/trade e-mail me for a list and prices.
  Pat-I AM the original owner of both these originals again contact Russell Smith direct from his website he will confirm
  nobody else has owned them. The frame on the oil I put on after I purchasedit it ran $400 bucks.
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  thanx guys
20/01/2015 02:21:14