Russell Smith Original Oil and Original Pencil Drawing For Sale

Buy & Sell (Temporary Classifieds)
I have been a big fan of Russell's work for a long time and have an large collection to keep
  for a long time. But I really could use the money for other projects and I am willing to sell
  both pieces at a very good price. Both are framed, although I put a new $400 dollar frame
  on the oil "King of the Camel Aces About Two Years Ago". On the Sopwith pup pencil  
  piece it came matted and framed honestly pretty low budget. Still the framing jobb looks
  far better than one might expect. As most of you know I am in Southern Calfornia (LA-OC)
  area. Local buyers are encouraged to stop by and see in person. Of course for shipping  
  both will have to be properly packed and insured. CONUS/Canada preferred but well
  known European posters are welcome. I will pay the cost and add it to the price
  I am willing to ship in good faith and you can either wire transfer to my Wells Fargo  
  Account or send a US personal check or Money Order/Cashiers check. No paypal sadly as  
  I got royally hosed about three years ago and ate $2500 plus in art which the buyer got
  although US Postal managed to lose it for weeks despite tracking#, etc. I had done  
  business with him 3 times before always giving hime great deals. Well I ended up out
  over $2500 in art and he got a full refund from paypal and kept the art. Which I honored
  my absurdly low bid price of like $640 "SHUDDER". Paypal after over 10 years of me  
  being 100% for over $100k in items as I collect wristwatches and sold many Omegas,  
  Rolex etc. They demanded that lousy $640 which I would gladly pay if I could get my art
  back. So I refused to pay them I am still very angry with the whole situation and will
  never use them again.  
  So I am throwing out absurdly low ballpark prices here. Say $450 (heck high end remarques are running about this these days)on the large pencil
  drawing plus shipping and insurance via USPS priority CONUS. And $1000 on the  
  original oil plus shipping and insurance both prices are Im pretty darn sure less than I bought them for direct from
  Russell. I will add the exact dimensions tomorrow for both. Members not well known
  if have a couple veterans vouch for them I will accept that. Obviously wire transfer
  is better for me but I will go the Money Order/Cashiers Check or personal check  
  if need be.
  And for big game Richard Taylors Holding the Line Remarque with a matted signed Hasso Von Mantueffel Card, Matted Otto Carius, Medals max sigs all Knights Cross winners long sold out and no expenses spared on the matting and framing. This is a Huge Piece.
  PM me for lots of photos
11/01/2015 13:02:00
Its late and I was in the Hospital I will fix those pictures of Holding the Line
  Im a mess on morphine and hypertension high blood pressure meds
  so again I will get the pics right tomorrow
  Price on Holding the Line Remarque is open.......offers
  obviously we all know $1000-1200 is not gonna cut it.  
  But I will be taking a big loss Im in it over $3000 easy
  Sorry guys
11/01/2015 13:04:33