Help Needed - 'len Hutton' Art piece?

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Hi Guys,
  Ive inherited a piece of art from a family members will, its a big piece titled "View of Avon" and it has a small metal engraved tab on the frame that says "A view of avon - Len Hutton"
  Ive tried googling for info but nothing comes up on this at all, so im wondering if anyone can share some light on this piece.
  Thanks in advance
29/12/2014 14:18:28
Welcome to the eHangar forum, karr1981.
  You did not state what help exactly you would like on this piece.
  It would also help if you posted the image here.  
  If you need instructions on how to display images in your post, please visit
30/12/2014 08:33:26
:run:  Google does not   know it all.
  'Tis all I could find.
30/12/2014 12:44:05
Check out this link:
  And you're not the first person who has tried to  find Mr. Hutton's  whereabouts  using eHangar:
30/12/2014 12:56:46
welcome karr1981, I'm in contact with Len, I have a couple of his originals, regulars here will know one was commissioned and are on my "collection" thread. Obviously not going to give out his details on here, I happily email him to give him a nudge to pay hangar a visit and see your post.
  But then as hangar says, you don't actually say what help you need or even if the artist of the piece can help?
30/12/2014 13:19:53
Hi Guys,
  Here is apic of the piece, oil on canvas. I was lucky renough to get hold of Len via PM and he confirmed its one of his, its not Aviation but i think its pretty cool for someone in the South West of UK, welcome your opinions
30/12/2014 14:32:37
That's a really well-done painting.   I'm sure you're happy to have it.   If only he could have put a couple of small Hurricanes up in the sky...rotf
06/01/2015 16:59:25
Lol, fuzzy!
  Yes, some contrails and a flaming He111 falling from the sky to add some extra interest  to this very serene scene!  yo
08/01/2015 06:32:57
Finally im able to get back on the site, dunno what happened but its all sorted now it seems.
  I was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying this piece? Ive recently downsized and dont really have the space for Art anymore
  Would need to be collectd from Bristol UK
  Drop me a pm if interested
23/10/2016 09:05:40