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Hello all,
  Unfortunately, I need to sell my framed copy of "JG-52" by Robert Taylor.   I bought it around the time it was released - 1986 or '87, and had it framed right away (#469/1000).   I see asking prices all over the map (currently on eBay there's one for $2900).   It has all the signatures, but is NOT remarqued.   Could anyone give me some guidance on how to price it?   I can post some photos tomorrow.  
  Many thanks,
14/10/2014 20:50:57
I have taken some photos of the framed print and the back of the frame showing the COA and the certification that the framing was done to meet or exceed museum specifications/requirements.   Here is the link to Photobucket:
  Based on these photos, what would a fair asking price range be?
  Thank you,
21/10/2014 02:22:47