Find the Electra!

Non-Aviation Art Showcase
" Everyone Comes to Rick's"
 for next year's Pebble Beach Show.
 ( with thanks & appreciation to Midge Quennel ,Rendering 2 Art Center circa 1968 and apologies to Micheal Cutiz Warner Brothers circa 1942...)

11/09/2014 15:50:54
Electra, as in Lockheed? Earhart's?
  Looks like a painting of Americana pop culture circa Prohibition or WW2 era, more likely the latter if the newspaper headline is referring to the Wehrmacht?
  Perhaps a bit of background info provided might give better insight into what this painting is about?
  I like the effect of the water stained  blue ink on the letter.
12/09/2014 04:59:16
" Here's looking at you kid..."
  It was sort of a trick question...actually t Electra is over here:
  Honestly this still life didn't ring any bells...could it be you know nothing of this?
  I can only say "Round up all the usual suspects..." and go to Youtube and search for Rick's Americain Cafe in Casablanca...wink
12/09/2014 14:34:45
Aha, I saw Humphrey Bogart's photo but did not know about Rick's Cafe in the Casablanca movie.  blush
  So this is a paired painting?
12/09/2014 15:35:10
" Everyone Comes to Rick's"
  Brilliant movie.
  Brilliant concept.  
  To me ... too busy, and top right corner relaxes the eye.
  Would like this to have been a triptych James ...   adding/subtracting elements but always building tension around the three most important parts of your composition.
  PS.   And the Electra is just sublime.
29/09/2014 04:38:28