Dang 6 months since a post in this thread, losing 800 members really hurts us well I will put up some art for sale to get things

Buy & Sell (Temporary Classifieds)
Hello old friends hopefully a few people notice a new post and check out what I am willing to sell or even make a partial
  trade. As admin has said 800 members lost the ability to login so out site is gonna take awhile to become active like it
  was. Things were so great a few years ago on this site. Finny how my own life fell apart just like the site. I got divorced
  lost my house, retirement, cars, paid alimony for life up front and sold my entire (almost watch collection) and 90% of
  my art collection. I did keep all originals, remarques, double remarques and triple remarques. Still I sold things like my
  Hans Joachim Marseille signature with a Robert Taylor original pencil drawing, at least 40 framed pieces all remarqued, double
  remarqued with lots of sigs. I even sold m SANKE card #373 double signed by Oswald Boelke and Max Immelmann ($5k I  
  know I was worth a lot more, sigh.
  Anyhow time to start some selling, buying, trading etc.
  I will start with a awesome Richard Taylor remarque matted and framed with extra signed photos as well as rare signatures
  matted in standalone. The Mantueffel signed photo is very nice along with the rare tank commander signature (i cant
  remember who he is but I bought it direct from good friend who is a German Armour   nut for $250 bucks. Maybe someone can figure it out I will try myself Killer Katanas (Brian) is the guy on this site who I got that signuture and we are good friends in real life.
  Well here it is. I will also list all the pieces I am willing to sell trade tomorrow when I am awake. I live in California (LA area)
  Thanx All
  909-660-9701 cell text
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27/08/2014 07:46:31