Aviation Art of Unusual WW2 Aircraft

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I thought I would start this thread which just focuses on sharing images of aircraft not often depicted in  aviation art paintings.
  So - no posts of the usual suspects like Spitfires, Hurricanes, Bf109s, Mustangs, Lightnings, B-17s, Mossies, Lancasters, Thunderbolts and the like!  bobby  (Well, at least, not as the main subject)
  Please identify the aircraft, and state the painting's title if available, and the artist if known. It should be a painting or illustration and not a photograph.
  I shall start the ball rolling...  rotf
  Heinkel 177 by Stoian Popov

Ki-115 Tsurugi-Green by  Martin Novotny

26/07/2014 11:11:52
Aviation Art - Out for Trouble by Heinz Krebs
  Out for Trouble by Heinz Krebs
  I think the Heinkel He111 is quite under-represented in aviation art, since it was the most numerous Luftwaffe bomber during the Battle of Britain, and served in practically all theatres of the war in Europe. So I am glad that German artist (sadly, since deceased) Heinz Krebs painted this BoB scene showing the ubiquitous bomber as the main subject, escorted by Messerschmitt Bf109Es.
26/07/2014 17:14:02
What a great idea for a new thread Sunny.   I'm sure, over time, we'll see many  interesting paintings here - I know I'll contribute a few.   Let me start with a painting of a Supermarine Stranraer, by Darryl Legg (I know there are more than a few  eHangar members who enjoy and collect Darryl's work):
  Interestingly, a few months after purchasing this painting from Darryl I happened to visit the RAF Museum in Colindale, North London, and what do I see on display?   What I believe to be the last remaining example of this unusual aircraft:
26/07/2014 21:49:24
"Lady In The Dark" P-61 Black Widow, my own work.
27/07/2014 03:07:01
Guss - thanks for chiming in so quickly and with such an interesting subject too!  thumbsup  I remember one of my favourite war comic stories involved the crew of a Stranraer. Darryl Legg is a great artist; I really like his art.
  Mark - your recent P-61 painting fits in perfectly here! Yes, its an aircraft that doesn't seem to have been painted much. I don't know why, but in my mind, the Black Widow is associated more with operations in the Pacific theatre than anywhere else, but as I was looking for other P-61 images, I noticed that of the five I found, three are from the European theatre, one from the home front, and only one was from the Pacific! Here they are:
  Aviation Art - The Spider And The Fly by Stan Vosburg
  The Spider And The Fly by Stan Vosburg
  Aviation Art - Twilight Conquest by Nicolas Trudgian
  Twilight Conquest by Nicolas Trudgian
  Aviation Art - Moonlight Victory by Jerry Anderson
  Moonlight Victory by Jerry Anderson
 This painting depicts the  first victory for the P-61 in the European theatre, and interestingly, over a V-1 drone.
  Aviation Art - Triple Play by Roy Grinnell
  Triple Play by Roy Grinnell
  Aviation Art - Last To Fight by Craig Kodera
  Last To Fight by Craig Kodera
    Lady In The Dark    from the other side.
  Interestingly, I notice that the ETO Black Widows are missing the dorsal barbette of 4 guns.  think
  I think these five images plus Mark's give a well-rounded view from all angles  of the beautifully-shaped and uniquely-designed P-61 Black Widow.
27/07/2014 07:26:29
Nice P-61 painting Mark, and it is a subject you don't see very often (although Sunny did manage to find a couple more).   Let me add another painting by Darryl Legg a not-to-common WW II subject, an Arado 196:
  The image that usually comes to mind when I think of this plane is the box art for the old Airfix kit:
27/07/2014 12:54:07
Mark Postlethwaite's painting of a Fairey Firefly, another WW II aircraft that isn't often depicted:
28/07/2014 13:13:06
Yak 3   s     Squadron Normandie, French pilots flying for Russia. Robert Taylor companion print to Russian Roulette Publishers Proof. Another example were the companion print is better than the main edition
02/08/2014 16:49:32
Can anyone identify the subject of this 12" x 16" Darryl Legg painting?
06/08/2014 01:59:19
Phew!   Certainly not one of "the usual suspects".
06/08/2014 02:24:50

fuzzy said
  Can anyone identify the subject of this 12" x 16" Darryl Legg painting?

  Mitsubishi Ki83 Experimental Long Range Fighter
06/08/2014 09:10:27
Too much airplane expertise on eHangar for that question to remain unanswered for long.   Kudos Kevjon.
  I did find it  impressive that the plane was clocked at 473 mph at 23,000 feet when tested  after the war  using standard US high octane fuel.   Fast!
06/08/2014 10:45:05
Westland Whirlwind 1 by Seweryn Fleischer
  Westland Whirlwind 1 by Seweryn  Fleischer
06/08/2014 19:18:13
fuzzy said  
 I did find it  impressive that the plane was clocked at 473 mph at 23,000 feet when tested  after the war  using standard US high octane fuel.   Fast!

  I like the look of it too, very cool design.
07/08/2014 07:50:03
Here's one you don't see very often - a French Amiot 143 Bomber.   Painting by Lucien Cave.
07/08/2014 18:05:46
Boulton Paul Defiant     Not many Defiant prints and this is the best    Guardians of the Night    by M.A.Kinnear.
11/08/2014 01:09:17
Another great Defiant image by Shigeo Koike
12/08/2014 00:53:50
Here's a very obscure one I did over ten years ago: the SAAB/ASJA Sk 14!
  Sk 14 trainer
18/08/2014 23:47:21