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Greetings eHanger forum members!   I'm Bruce from Southern California and I stumbled across eHanger while trying to find a site where I could list an aviation print for sale.   A little background first:   I am a WWII aviation enthusiast which developed out of the fact that my dad was a B-17 pilot instructor and B-29 airplane commander during WWII.   He died when I was quite young and I never got to hear his stories of flying during the war.   I have attended a number of reunions held by his bomb group association (504th BG, 313th Wing, 21st Bomber Command under Gen. Curtis Lemay) and formed friendships with many of the men who flew with my dad.  
  I don't have a huge collection of aviation art prints, but it includes two by Robert Taylor: "JG 52", and "Return of the Few," both signed by the usual suspects.   My first piece was "Little Willie Coming Home," by Keith Ferris,  who was commissioned to paint  the huge wall mural "Thunderbird," in the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.   My other two pieces are, "Fifty Miles Out," by William S. Phillips.   It depicts B-29's from my dad's 504th Bomb  Group and is personalized by Gen. Bill Pitts, A/C of "Dina Might," the main subject in the painting and, finally,  the piece I need to sell, "A Time of Eagles," also by Phillips and signed by Oscar Cohen, an original member of the Eagle Squadron.   "A Time of Eagles" is unframed and has been stored in a flat box in its Greenwich Workshop cover jacket.   Is anyone interested in this beautiful print?   I just don't have the room and my wife is after me to pare down my collection.   I live 5 minutes from Virginia Bader Fine Arts and  I stopped by and asked Virginia and she said the print should go for around $495.   Any of you who have been collecting aviation art for any length of time will know of Virginia Bader (related to Sir Douglas Bader of RAF fame).   She relocated to SoCal from Alexandria, VA some years back.   Anyway, it's nice to meet you all and PM me if you're interested in the print.
  Best regards,
10/07/2014 17:05:15
Hi Bruce
  Welcome aboard eHangar!
  You are among like-minded people here.
  Wow, your dad was a WWII vet. Do you have his flight log books and other memorabilia?
  The eHangar Classifieds section will be opened up soon, but if you wish to sell your print off quickly, eBay is probably the best way to go.
  Those two Robert Taylors you mentioned are rare prints indeed and still highly sought-after, I believe.
  Again, welcome aboard and I look forward to your participation here.
12/07/2014 04:36:43