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I just joined and wanted to say hello. I am a former Marine who lives in Jacksonville, NC, the home of Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River where I served for a time as a Helicopter mechanic. I was around Marine Aviation for many years and have always had a fascination for aircraft. As a kid, like many here at this site I am sure, I built endless models of my favorite aircraft, which as I was growing up were WW II, Korean War, and Vietnam era aircraft.
  I found this site quite by accident when trying to research two unusual prints I found at a flea market in Newport NC. Both of them are of WW I aircraft and are on "Foil Coated Paper". and bear the name "August Schug". Mr. Schug's signature is stamped into, or on the print itself, not written in ink but a part of the process I imagine. I would never have figured the medium out except for the fact that I researched Mr. Schug's website, sent him and email and he replied almost immediately.
  He said the prints were done more then 30 years ago, when he had a studio in Toledo and he still used to sign his work "August Schug". He said the "foil print" was just aluminum coated paper which he said he thought was a little strange at that time but he said, "....the advertising people loved it!". He also informed me the medium was "opaque watercolor and casein".
  I wanted to join this site so I could share some photo's of these prints, since this site is partly responsible for helping me identify them. They are a little difficult to photograph since using a flash will create blind spots, so today I will try to photograph them outside in natural light. If you can imagine it, the colors change as you move the picture about, they really are quite beautiful in their own way.
  I will read the section about posting pictures and see if I can figure it out. I am not very technical, joining a site and posting is about as technical as it gets for me. If I can't manage it I will ask for help from the site and perhaps someone will be able to walk me through it.
  Thanks for maintaining a great site and I look forward to visiting regularly.
22/06/2014 12:06:43
Hello Armondo
  Welcome to eHangar.com and congrats on your maiden posts!
  I'm glad you found us in the course of your research into your art print collection. You are among like-minded friends here in our aviation art community where most, if not all, are also keen general aviation enthusiasts :)
  For instructions on how to display images in your posts, please read  Step-by-step Instructions on how to display images in posts.
  If you need further help or clarification, please do not hesitate to ask me, in the forum or by PM (Private Messaging).
  Again, welcome to the site and I look forward to your participation!
23/06/2014 04:42:38
I have edited your other post, using the steps outlined, to display one of your photos, so you can see the end-result. Please edit your post and try displaying the others. :)
23/06/2014 04:52:49