Harold Garland 'Spotter Away Sir' Aviation Painting

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I'm looking to sell the attached painting & have very little, to no, knowlege on how to do so? I have attached a picture for your viewing & would be very grateful if you could give me some advise on how to do so or indeed, if you would be interested in making a purchase.



I have very little information on the painting other than the following;



Guild of Aviation Artists



"Spotter Away Sir" Fairey 'Sea Fox' by Harold Garland (Oct 2011)



signed original paintingOil & Acrylic painting on canvas 18in x 14in



Very fine quality oil painting ... It has excellent light and fine attention to detail. Superbly painted and an excellent example of Aviation art. Harold Garland is a well recorded and listed British artist, with strong auction records. He has specialised in similar Aviation & Nautical subjects to this and there are several similar paintings that have reached up to great value in auctions. The painting also comes with some very interesting printed written background by Harold Garland himself of his life & how he became an Artist.



I look forward to hearing from you in anticipation.



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Debbie Giles






26/01/2014 15:52:10