Gil Cohen "WASP Special Delivery" canvas & open edition

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Waspspecial.jpgNew print from Gil Cohen - "WASP Special Delivery"
  $1200 for the canvas & $125 for open edition
20/11/2013 01:13:58
I love this painting, as ever from Gil an original subject, great composition and detail. Having read the books of the British ATA women "Spitfire Women of WWII" read the exploits of Jackie Cochran and others, this captures the scene so well.
  I was going to make sexist comments about the map reading.....but my wife advised me not toocool-smirk
20/11/2013 19:17:37
Great painting, love the detail in it and it is so light and breezy.  
  daz do women actually read maps?
21/11/2013 00:22:43
Nice image. Atmospheric.  
  But I find the poses a bit awkward and contrived, and not as natural as they could have been, compared to other Cohen paintings. Just my opinion :)
30/11/2013 03:51:15

I have been a pilot for more than 30 years and have never seen any pilot spread a sectional out on the ground. They contain a lot of detail that could not be seen by anyone in this print other than the pilot pointing at it. Additionally when WASPs flew fighters they were almost always single a/c. It is almost certain that five WASPS would never have been flying a P-38 lightning on the same day.

02/01/2021 13:19:35

Good to know. I hope we can get the artist to join us here and share his thoughts on why he painted this the way he did.

17/03/2021 01:16:41