Hello from Poland

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Hello everybody. My name is Marcin G  recki. I'm 37 years old Polish designer, who decided to become an aviation artist. I will try to be the least disturbing user. smile
09/07/2013 16:35:31
Hello Marcin
  Welcome to eHangar.com and our community of friendly aviation artists and collectors! cool-gum
  Least disturbing user? Please, don't worry about anything, except how to get stuck in and participating in our discussions here!
  I look forward to seeing your aviation art works here.
09/07/2013 17:25:02
Welcome to eHangar from the Most Disturbing user wink
10/07/2013 08:37:49
Hello Marcin -   hope     you   get   some   more       replies   and   feedback   on   your     work   here.   Unfortunately   this   site   has       gone   very   quiet   in   the   last   year   .  
  There   are     many     excellent   artists who   are   members     as   well as   many   knowledgable collectors     .   It   used   to   be   buzzing   on   here      in   times   past    .
  Hopefully   those   days     can   come   back!   .  
10/07/2013 21:27:24
Smeagol said
 Welcome to eHangar from the Most Disturbing user wink

  LOL, and we love you for it! wink
11/07/2013 02:26:15
Thank you so much for such a warm welcome and nice words. I guess I've littered the forum a bit but I am really curious what connoisseurs could say about my works. Okay, now it's time to get to work. cool
12/07/2013 18:10:31