Gollum sails for you

Non-Aviation Art Showcase
Hi Gollum  
  Doing first sails. your opinions wanted.
26/04/2013 23:39:11
Thats it.....don't mess with them, you have that used worn look off to a tee
  All you have to do is put the rigging on, don't fall into the trap of just doing brown lines, where it's dark go light where it's light go dark
  Don't forget the blocks for winching those sails up & dont for get the ropes that are stitched to the sails for furling, i think there are three lines of them on that mainsail
  Why is it sometimes we paint a load of rubbish & then all of a sudden artist
  This one is going to look real good, that main mast looks a bit fragile, it's got to be 40ft tall give or take...it's gonna snap!
  Post updates as you go
27/04/2013 00:44:35
Here is where I am unto. I have put a wash over the water and have quite a bit of work to do on the red boat behind the fishing schooner and paint more buildings. don't if the reflections will still be visible by the time the water is painted? Then I will get back to my sterling painting.
27/04/2013 11:21:54
This the Very Best painting i have seen of yours
  The only comment so far is > at the bottom corner of the main sail there is a small yacht > follow that ones mast up to the top and the cloud bottom that it touches needs to be lighter to show it is behind the other dark cloud, just put a lighter wash over it and then wipe it off (strait away) and rub whats left on the canvas  it with your fingers till satisfied
  Looking very very good cool  looks like you needed a break from aircraft for a few days and it worked smile
27/04/2013 12:34:21
Nice painting - for me I would like to see a bit more definition on the sails themselves to indicate billowing fabric.
  Keep the updates coming.
30/04/2013 12:05:16
finished painting of the fishing smack.
02/05/2013 21:26:47
Do you mean thats finished or are you still working on it ?
  1) there is no rigging from the forward sail R/H.....corner in fact i cant see any rigging on that sail at all
  2) What happened to all that reflection in the water ? print yourself off a copy of the WIP you did before this one and copy those reflections...especially under the main boat, it's not sitting in the water...it was before
  It looks good but you have lost many of the parts that made it really good
  If you have not finished just take a look at what you (had done) and look at the difference
  Also i know it may not be true to life but it looked much much better with that very flat water, you dont need to show that it is water by adding little waves....the reflections are what make it look like water and you had that off pat on the other picture
  Cuss me off now............and then get back to the easel wink
02/05/2013 22:04:58
I had better change to update then!!!!!!!!!!embarassed
03/05/2013 00:14:35
What is that Blue you used for the original colour ? ...thats some colour
  I think that was one of aspects that made it look....Wow!
  If you can put that blue back in, maybe not  quite so bright as before....but it goes with the colour you painted the sails very well
  It was eye catching.....maybe not 100 percent realistic...but very pleasing
  I had a mess around with those two pics on the computer, i put the first water on the last picture and the just smudged it in to the bottoms of the boats, and then put a little of the sail colour in as reflection and then just wiggled the edges of the reflection, it looked just enough.......
  Then my computer had a fit and i lost the sample, but less seemed to be much more, keep it simple as before it looks good smile
  Everytyhing else....background boats etc are real good artist
03/05/2013 00:40:29
Gollum have redo the reflections and added the rigging, think I am ready to look at something else now.laugh
03/05/2013 21:57:21
That is one very very nice picture
  Give yourself a *S*T*A*R* artist
03/05/2013 22:14:44
many thanks Gollum for your help and kind words.
03/05/2013 22:57:11
Hi Don..........You have it in you to do some really good paintings, you just need pushing in the right direction
  We all do smile  
04/05/2013 00:02:10
Gollum said
 Hi Don..........You have it in you to do some really good paintings, you just need pushing in the right direction
  We all do smile  

embarassed  some of us need a cricket bat across the head before being pushed LOL.

04/05/2013 13:01:45
Hi Trumper
  what are you doing right now ?
04/05/2013 13:14:27
The sails are well modeled and it is coming along well. One suggestion I would have is to add some touches of light color to show the translucence of the sails.
03/06/2013 17:00:29
hi falco ,thanks for the comment, a little late as it was the first painting to sell in my current exhibition I have on at the moment.laugh
03/06/2013 21:52:35