Realm of the Sharks

Non-Aviation Art Showcase
The Virginia Class submarine is the newest class of attack boats in the United States Navy. These nuclear powered boats are designed for a wide range of open ocean and littoral missions. Photonic masts, pump jet propulsors, advanced sonar systems, fiber optic fly-by-wire ship control, advanced combat systems and a 9 man lock-out chamber are some of the unique features to this class. Designed as replacements for the older of the Los Angeles Class submarines, the Virginia Class submarines will serve well into the mid-21st century.
20/01/2013 05:38:58
smile  A lovely piece of work BUT i don't care how modern and sophisticated these things are you still  wouldn't  get me in one  smile
20/01/2013 12:22:58
Thanks Trumper. I would go in one while it was docked but I don't think I would enjoy a cruise.
21/01/2013 02:12:49
That a nice picture, good colours &   well  thought out   artist
21/01/2013 15:19:33
Thank you Len.
22/01/2013 16:25:13
You MUST have been Fully Immersed    in the SUBject when you were painting that one
  Sorry....I just had to say it laugh
22/01/2013 18:17:04