MSO (Members Special Offer) forum group deleted Site Announcements
I have deleted the Members Special Offer (MSO) forum group. Stay tuned for something else in its place that will be even better for all eHangar members.
  The MSO was created to allow aviation artists to make a special offer of their own art creations to eHangar members. Both sides gained as artists got to showcase their art and collectors got to buy a piece of aviation art directly from the artist at special rates unavailable elsewhere.
  With the new eHangar site, this MSO group has outlived its usefulness.
  In its place, I will be introducing something very soon that will allow even more exposure to, not just aviation artists, but any party involved in the creation and selling of aviation art, right here on eHangar!
  Please stay tuned for further announcements soon on this :)
05/12/2012 09:52:26