Last of the big cats

Work Critique Room
Last-of-the-big-cats-sm.jpgHi guys
  In the spirit of getting back at it this is what Im working on at the moment, always had a soft spot for the Jaguar, a childhood favourite so was quite sad when they stopped flying.
04/12/2012 19:18:17
You couldn't have picked one more difficult to do if you tried......that must have been a real headache to do
  Lovely looking plane..........nice stalky undercarraige, have you seen footage of them taking off from very uneven fields ?

04/12/2012 19:24:21
  Indeed it was a headache, I now have even less hair than I had before, they did landing trials on a newly built motorway close to where I lived as a child, didnt see it personally but could hear it from my school desk
04/12/2012 19:59:10
great painting and yes I would say it would have been a headache to paint. Also Gollum great video.
04/12/2012 22:25:31