Cold War Sentinels

The Ready Room
The F-84F was originally a swept-wing modification to the F-84E Thunderjet but the extensive changes required made the type an almost new design. The Thunderstreak was adaptable and durable. Although it was not considered a spectacular performer, it was an excellent cruising machine and it could out maneuver an F-86 Sabre at low altitude. Too late to join its sibling (the F-84E Thunderjet) in the Korean war, the Thunderstreak spent most of its service life during the Cold War. The F-84F was dependable in the service of the US Air Force and served with Air National Guard units until 1972. This print depicts an F-84F Thunderstreak of the Ohio ANG about to rendezvous with a KC-97 Stratotanker to refuel.
03/12/2012 04:33:11
When i saw this new thread i was hoping to see a painting of English Electric Lightnings
  But one of those will do :)
  Lovely work,  very good perception of distance between the aircraft cool
03/12/2012 11:39:31
Mark - Great painting!!   I really like the cold war era birds - unusual and normally not very attractive - but they did serve their intended purpose!! cool   The StratoTanker is one huge airplane ...
03/12/2012 15:07:41
Impressive work Mark! This piece has an authoritative air to it, reflective of USAF air superiority!
03/12/2012 18:38:29
Thank you Len, Mark and Norbert. One of these days I will have to do an English Electric Lightning.
04/12/2012 11:25:57