CALL FOR ENTRIES – Top 10 Aviation Art ORIGINALS of 2012

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eHangar members,
  Not sure if Sunny will put the voting on Facebook again this year, but we did the nominating here last year.
  Fourth year for this contest. This started as an excellent suggestion by Chris (Blueviper2). Instead of prints, we're talking original art here.
  Any artist can submit their own original. I know that's a bit unusual, as most artists are too modest to submit their own work, but in the interest of a good contest, we collectors would be happy if you did. If you don   t want to nominate your own original, you could at least drop a hint to one of your friends to nominate it!
  Artists should freely submit works done by their peers.
  If you own an original, please submit it.
  If you've seen a good original, please submit it. Here's where collectors can nominate things they've seen on eHangar.
  There have been some good paintings on eHangar this year, let's get them in the contest!
  One limitation I'd suggest would be on Taylor originals and other widely published works. For example, I know the original for "Jet Hunters" is out there somewhere. However, neither Robert Taylor nor the owner has posted it here on eHangar. Enter something like that into the print contest. However, if the lucky owner of "Jet Hunters" is on eHangar reading this, and wants to put it in the contest, it's fair game!
  Bottom line for widely published works, I think they should have some eHangar connection (artist, owner, etc.) to be in this contest.
  Here's how it will work:
  Every member can nominate up to 10 of their favorite originals (painting, pencil, digital, sculpture, whatever) created during 2012.
  Please nominate your choices by including the title of the original, the name of the artist, and an image of the original. Unlike prints, there aren't many images of originals out there for me to snag off a website. You're pretty much going to have to provide your own image.
  For those unfamiliar with how to post images, see the instructions below:   ..038;t=2046
  The nominations must be time stamped by the website no later than January 10.
  VOTING (To take place later, starting January 11)    
  Decide which 3 originals you like the most, and number them from 1 to 3.
  The original numbered 1 (your favorite) will receive 3 points.
 The original numbered 2 will receive 2 points.
 The original numbered 3 will receive 1 point.
  Voting will end on January 31 as time stamped by the website.
  The original that has accumulated the most points will be the top, or number 1 original of 2012. The original with the next highest collection of points will be placed in the number 2 position. It may happen that several originals may tie with the same point total. If that happens, they will share in their placement. For example, with the number 1 and 2 positions spoken for, say three originals tie for third place. Originals 3-5 are tied, will share third place, and will be listed in positions 3, 4 and 5 in alphabetical order by the artist's last name. This will be repeated until we have selected 10 originals (hopefully we'll get that many!). There may be more than 10 originals placing if a tie situation takes up additional spots.
  I'll start the voting process with a seperate thread on January 11 and restate these rules at that time. The winners will be posted on February 1.
  Here are links to the past winners:
  Top Original of 2011:
  "Terry Jones     Cold Steel"
  (On Facebook)
  Top Original of 2010:
  "Gareth Hector     Dahlberg's Day"   ..038;t=4153
  Top Original of 2009:
  "Gareth Hector     Bottleneck"   ..038;t=3354
01/12/2012 16:43:50
No entry at all ? well...  
07/12/2012 18:36:12
I might as well start. There were/are so many mouth-watering pieces to choose from, it's closer to flipping a coin to nominate any. Here are three who I find are very strong pieces, partly because they are aircraft that I have a lot of interest in but more so for the composition, technique, and overall aesthetics. I may add to the list if time allows for more browsing.
  'Breaking The Bulge' by Gareth Hector
  'The Escorts' by Steven Heyen
  'Black Sheep Corsair' by Wade Meyers
  Devastating Thunder by Brian Bateman
07/12/2012 22:53:27
I would like to nominate the following,and now i need someone to help me post the images, i have not figured out how to do that in this current format:
  Steve Anderson: Rendezvous
  Jim Dietz: Color Guard, Almost Done For
  Mark Postlethwaite: Brumowski's Albatros
  Russ Smih: The Eagle and the Butterfly
  Now if another member would send me instructions on how to add the paintings , i will be happy to do so!
09/12/2012 15:06:53
  When you are writing a post, at the bottom there is a button labeled "Upload Attachments".   Click it and a box will open up named "select files".   At the bottom of that box is a button labeled "Add Files".   Click that and there will be a window that allows you to browse your computer for the images.   Once you have selected the images, click the other button labeled "Start Upload".   When that is complete, your files will be included when submit your post.
09/12/2012 15:14:59
  Is it possilbe that i have not been given permission to load attachments?
  When i look at the bottom of my post, i see only : submit reply, cancel, preview
  thanks for your help as i would like to post my nominations before it is too late!
11/12/2012 21:36:43
  Look above the buttons you mention.   My "Upload Attachments" button is right below the text box I am typing this reply in, and it is above the row of "Smileys" you can click on.
  If you've got a username and can post, you can add attachments as far as I know, but the details are best described by Sunny as he handles all of that.
  Again, look straight down below the text box you are typing your reply  in, and the "Upload Attachments" button should be there.   I can see mine as I type this.
12/12/2012 00:24:23
still , nothing there,
  sorry, and thanks for your help,
  could you possibly message me, and send your email, i can send the digital files to you so that you can psot them for me - for the artists?
  i do not have any button anywhere for "upload attachments"
12/12/2012 03:47:48
Folks, I think we need to get this annual event sparked into life, and have decided not to be shy with a couple of my own works for nomination, as well as Terry Jones' beautiful Spitfire over the Channel. C'mon, how about a few more?
  Danger, Cold, Fear and Courage
  In the Hands of a Master
12/12/2012 09:46:00
I took your cue Steve and have decided to nominate one of my own as well, a piece that I put a lot of effort into, and IMO, it turned out well. I second your nomination of "Danger, Cold, Fear and Courage".
 Night Mission
 Also, I would like to nominate Russell Smith's "The Eagle and The Butterfly"
12/12/2012 14:14:52
i would like to second the nomination of Russ Smith's EAGLE AND THE BUTTERFLY, i have asked Russ to help me post my other nominations, as i do not have that capacity.
  thanks Russ,
13/12/2012 03:08:36
I'd like to nominate a few paintings that I acquired this year.
  Gareth Hector
  Breaking the Bulge
  Completed 2012
  Oil on linen
  40 cm x 100 cm

  Wade Meyers
  A Call to Honor
  Completed 2012
  Oil on panel
  24 in x 40 in

  David Rawlins
  Kingfisher on Final
  Completed 2012
  Oil on linen
  24 in x 48 in

  Russell Smith
  The Eagle and the Butterfly
  Completed 2012
  Oil on linen
  22.5 in x 45 in

  Kevin Weber
  Dawn of Infamy
  Completed 2012
  Oil on panel
  17 in x 26 in

  Kevin Weber
  One More Pass
  Completed 2012
  Oil on panel
  23 in x 18 in

13/12/2012 17:24:58
Thanks for the nods, guys.  smile
  Here are Jim's nominations. I reminded Jim that Steve Anderson's Rendezvous is ineligible because it wasn't created this year.
  Jim Dietz:  Almost Done For
  Mark Postlethwaite: Brumowski's Albatros
13/12/2012 17:26:38
Thanks Russ for helping me
  I also want to nominate two of Russ SMith's pieces, and i appreciate that he will have to post them for me, but i want to nominate the following two pieces by Russ:
  Roosevelt's N28, the cover for the winter 2012 Over the Front journal
  and his
  Sopwith Pup study,
13/12/2012 17:43:50
Here you go Jim. Thanks!


13/12/2012 17:50:27
Hello all,
  I follow paletteone and give in my pice "P-51 Lou IV" and would like to nominate "In the Hands of a Master" of Steve Heyen and as second "The Eagle and The Butterfly" of Russell Smith.
  "P-51 Lou IV"
13/12/2012 21:09:50
Have thought long and hard about many great paintings to choose from
  1)Russel Smith
  2)Steve Heyden
  Danger Fear Cold and Courage
  3) Paul Cooper
  No title ? i'll call it > Night Strike
13/12/2012 23:11:49
I would like to add the following
  lost the artists name
    Russell Smith
    First try at this Napier
15/12/2012 03:11:31
lots of excellent ones here already
  Hector - Breaking the Bulge
  Russell Smith - Eagle and Butterfly
18/12/2012 16:32:27
My entries for 2012
  "Whirlwinds in Borneo"
  "Sky Guardians" (Lightning F6 & Victor tanker)
 "Life goes on" (USAAF B24 Liberator)
  All oil on stretched canvas.
19/12/2012 12:51:32