He-177 Greif Commission pencils

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I was commissioned by a member here on the forum to do a couple of different pencils depicting the Luftwaffe's beast of a bomber - the He-177 Greif. This plane was indeed a bear with its sheer size and wingspan. The engines were a constant problem though and the wing was not structured properly in the beginning and it had a high attrition rate on its crews, which made it a reluctant addition to the Luftwaffe.
  These are both done at a size of 11" x 17" on Bristol and Canson paper with white highlights. The first shows a grief making an attack with its guided missile against shipping off the coast of France during the D-day operation. KG.40 saw a high loss of life during these missions which were meant to disrupt the allied forces.
  The second depicts the crew after landing from another mission to disrupt the allies. The crew has returned safely this night and are discussing the aircrafts operation while realizing that a few of their comrades are not returning tonight, which casts a pall of sadness in the night air.
  These were fun to do and though rather small  in scale they are detailed, plus if you have noticed I have been rather scare lately here as I have been doing an outside free lance job which paid well which put some projects on the back burner, plus revamping my direction over the upcoming year.  
  Comments welcome, and thank you for looking.
21/11/2012 01:00:55
About time we had you back here
  Both very good, not sure which i like the most........so hows about both smile
21/11/2012 02:58:55
Super work Brian and really cool subject, both are excellent. Always love seeing good pencil work.
  This aircraft brings back memories of building the airfix model kit many years ago. I think it was biggest model at the time.
21/11/2012 07:57:52
Excellent work on both counts Brian, although my preference is for the second one with the figures. I really like the angle on the Greif and the composition is very strong.artist
21/11/2012 13:48:14
Really nice work Brian.
21/11/2012 18:51:22
Thank you gentlemen.
  It is actually good to post artwork on here as many of the bugs seemed to have been ironed out, and I do not have to add any math anymore to post!! :) Now we need to get the folks back on here as the numbers have seems to have diminished a bit.
  One of these two preliminary drawings will be chosen to become a painting for the client so I tried to make it as difficult for him as possible to make his final choice! :)
  Anyway, thank you all sincerely for your kind replies, I need to do some serious catching up and get back into the groove as I have a few more commissions to finish with and a couple of paintings to get out in a short time.
21/11/2012 19:29:22
Two   very   nice   drawings   Brian - I   like   the   ground   scene   particularly .  
21/11/2012 20:31:28
Thanks Neil. Much appreciated sir.
22/11/2012 03:30:10
Two excellent pieces Brian. Either one will make a great painting. I am partial to the second one with the aircraft in flight.
23/11/2012 02:15:07
Hey thanks Mark. Will find out tomorrow when delivered which one the client will choose for the painting. I have my preference, but will not divulge as it needs to be a choice without bias.
  Keep up your excellent work Mark, thanks for keeping in touch.
23/11/2012 02:47:01
Great work Brian, I like the ground scene, wow that highlighting on the cockpit, the glass looks so real i love it.
23/11/2012 10:13:45
Thanks Ken.
  For small drawings I think they turned out. Glad that you like them. Glass cockpit is just pencil with white prismacolor with an added acrylic white to spark the center of the highlight. Seems to work on these colored paper drawings. The ground scene may evolved should the client choose this version for the painting.
  I will find out shortly which version he wants to proceed with.
  Hope all is well sir. How are those two lovely canines?
23/11/2012 16:44:52
Delivered the drawings to the client yesterday with positive results but at this writing he cannot choose which version that goes to canvas, though as I left he is leaning towards the ground scene. Hopefully he will get on here and give us his answer to which version.....I am ready to start!! Next up in pencil after a Galland 262 JV44 ground scene will be FW-19D9s of JV44.....
  I see a theme going here......a popular Gruppen from two seperate clients.
25/11/2012 02:09:11
Great drawings, both of them. I wouldn't be able to decide on either, and would have to take both! cool-smirk
25/11/2012 09:14:54
Just received word from the client and he has chosen a direction- for those who wanted to see the ground scene well, this is the pick! I will be adding some drama to the figures by adding a wounded comrade and some battle damage as I feel it needs more story telling.
  I will keep all up to date once the paint hits the canvas, and thank you again for your comments.
29/11/2012 06:57:42
Hi Brian
  Are you going to do a WIP on this one.........there is a lot of interest wink
29/11/2012 10:25:36
Yeah this will look awsome as a painting, i cannot wait to see the progress. Please Brian would you do a WIP thread as we all would enjoy that.
  Ps the Dog's send there love Lol
29/11/2012 21:23:35
Hi guys.
  Thanks, I think the client will be happy with his choice. I felt rather bad for him as he did have a tough time deciding which one to go forward with, but in the end he followed what he initially liked from the start. Usually it is that first thought that pops in the head.....
  Actually I was not planning on doing a WIP as I feel sometimes they might become long and rather borish.....but if you guys really want to see the progress then I will post some updates as we get going. I have much work in commissions to do which is rather great, no complaining here, but I will be juggling different pieces as this one progresses so I hope folks do not tire of the time span in between.  artist
  Ken, those are lovely dogs you have!! We lost one of ours two weeks ago due to old age (14 yrs, German Shepherd) and we had to put her down, which was one of the hardest things I think I have ever had to do yet....sheesh, those critters become part of the family don't they?  laugh
29/11/2012 21:47:52
Great a WIP.....take as long as you like :)
29/11/2012 21:52:28
Looking forward to seeing this one develop!
29/11/2012 21:58:18