609 Squadron Spitfire

Work Critique Room
A couple of in-progress shots of a small acrylic colour study that will be the basis for a pastel. I had done the same scene previously this year in pencil. It depicts the Spitfire Mk Ia flown by Pilot Officer JC Dundas of No 609 Sqn, 1940.
11/11/2012 00:53:56
You've captured a very nice sense of light in the painting Norbert.
  Composition looks good too. The aircraft look like they will need to be in shadow and rim lit.
11/11/2012 01:20:42
Looks like a good start Norbert. I like the colors in the clouds and the light glinting on the edges.
11/11/2012 04:01:17
Great skyscape Norb, I think this is going to be a good one.
11/11/2012 10:13:40
Yep   -   agree   with   the   others   -   set   up   looks   good     .   The   lighting   will   be   tricky   but   get   it   right   and   you   will   have   a   fine     painting.
11/11/2012 15:47:06
Thanks Kevin, Mark, Steve and Neil. Here's an update with some atmospheric shading and tones added for some heightened subtlety. Will add some bombers in the background, mustn't forget the prop, the serial number, and perhaps a few indications of panel lines, although this is very small, 7" wide. The yellows are stronger here than the original, overall the image is more saturated but relatively close, colours really are tricky to play with when it comes to screen images and printing.
15/11/2012 03:54:20
Going   well   Norbert   -     - panel   lines   should   help   relieve   the   smooth   , solid   look   of   the   near   Spitfire . Not   entirely   convinced     by   that   "Q"   though .   Feel   it   could     do   with   a little   twist   to the   left   at the   top   or   something?
15/11/2012 12:13:44
Thanks Neil, yes, I thought it was rotated a little to the right. Here's the complete sketch, will move on to the pastel once I get another project out of the way.
16/11/2012 00:24:49
That is Bold skyscape,very rich colours & yet the painting has a very calm  relaxed look to it
  When you said you were going to add bombers to it i thought you might over do it, but turns out to still be a very calm painting
  I like it :)
16/11/2012 00:52:30
Looks   good   Norbert     -   Q   looks   right   now.
  Should   translate   into a   fine   pastel   painting.
19/11/2012 10:45:16
Thanks Gollum and Neil, Here's a closer shot for the indication of panel lines.
19/11/2012 16:04:22
Hey Norb!
  This looks pretty cool! Like the overall look you have going on. Plus I wanted to say that your latest work on your blog is wonderfully done! Nice work!
21/11/2012 01:02:58
Thanks Brian, I hope that I will be able to translate it to the pastel. I'm actually thinking whether or not to do it up in acrylic or gouache as well, although pastels are quicker. Each medium has it's pros and cons!
21/11/2012 13:45:52
Great atmospherics Norb, and a good composition overall.
21/11/2012 18:53:09
I like the atmosphere and composition.
 I'm just wondering if the position of the bombers is a little too level to the Spitfires to justify the wingover by the Spit on the right? I'm not a pilot, and stand to be corrected by those more knowledgeable than me on this, but with a wingover manoeuvre like that, I would expect the aircraft to be diving quite steeply after that and thus lose valuable height. If so, then the bombers should be positioned lower than the Spitfires.
24/11/2012 15:33:29
Thanks for your comment!
  Great observation. I also am not a pilot but your observation does make some sense when you think about it, with regard to the height of the bombers. If some light can be shed on this I'll be certain to position them a bit lower in my final rendering. Or I will simply reduce the banking angle on the distant Spit.
24/11/2012 17:30:52