Hello to all from Canada.

New Member greetings & introductions
Hi there to everyone. My name's Rob. I'm from the UK but moved to Canada 4 years ago. I came to this site a while back and found it quite inspiring. I hadn't produced any artwork in many years due to work commitments. My work reflected my love for aviation as I was a technical illustrator/multimedia developer for BAe systems for a while. I moved into the digital age with great vigour but continued (when I could find time), to create aircraft digitally. I'm sure many would frown upon this! But just recently I have returned to my roots and have aspired to painting once again.
  My parents own my collection of paintings and sketches which sparked an interest to a relative. So I was asked to produce a painting of the Battle of Britain Flypast. It's taken a while so far and I have struggled as well as being a large canvas (3ft/2ft). It's great to see such a wide variety of style on here and has been a source of inspiration. I was most fortunate in my late teens to interview Robert Taylor, my most favorite aviation artist. His work and advice has always inspired me. So that said, I look forwards to seeing more fantastic artwork and thanks to everyone who has posted on this site. Maybe I'll have the nerve to display some of my own work!
  Rob C
17/10/2012 03:54:38
Congrats on your first post, Rob!
  I'm sure you know that we're all a friendly bunch here with the spirit of sharing and giving, so please don't feel shy about sharing your work here for us to see.
  I am interested to see your composition for the Battle of Britain Flypast, as I'm sure other members are. artist
  I look forward to your input and participation here.
17/10/2012 08:06:49
Hi Rob.....and welcome
  Post some pics & paintings when you can........paint or digital, it's all art wink
18/10/2012 14:51:56