what I am working on at the moment

Non-Aviation Art Showcase
I am having what I call a dry run. I am going to do a painting of my grand daughter for a christmas present so doing this first. Please comment as I find faces hard.  
15/10/2012 08:34:50
Very nice work. Nice attention to all the little details. The faces all look pretty good to me. They are well drawn/painted and the expressions look completely natural. Lots of interesting color in the piece.
15/10/2012 14:12:33
smile  I think it is very good and very relaxed and natural.I  wouldn't  do too much more to it incase you lose the freshness.
15/10/2012 15:28:40
I think your (Dry Run) might actualy be better than the proposed finished piece
  It looks fresh lose and very natural.........I think you have IMHO already done what you intended
  If you try to do better you may overwork it.....leave it as it is..........it's lovely artist
17/10/2012 22:32:14