Hi all,
  Just a quick first post,about time too as I've been a member for a couple of years.I'm a life long WW2 aviation fanatic and long time Robert Taylor collector   (1st one Duel of Eagles,  7 inc p&p,over 30 years ago and faded to buggeryfrown)I'm sure thats familiar to a few of you.Also got some framing horror stories from the early days.
  Still think RTs the top man,although not been impressed with much of his recent work (since the last Battle of Britain trilogy,which was a let down to me)
  Haven't bought much in recent years as no room to display,and quite frankly a print has to be exceptionally good to tempt me nowadays.Been a little disillusioned as well with the business of releasing long sold out limited prints as Gicleesfrown
  I've also got a few Trudgians,Wests,and a couple of Woottens,Wongs and Coulsons.
31/08/2012 19:42:46
Congrats on making your first post, Mighty8th!
  I apologise for the delay in approving your post as I had inadvertently disabled some settings on this forum which did not notify me of your post earlier. New members' posts need a moderator's approval before it appears on the forum, to cut down on forum spam posts.
  I look forward to your participation on the site. Please post pictures of your collection, I would be interested especially to see the Ronald Wongs.
18/09/2012 15:19:58